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IMex Announces Partnership with BitIns

/EIN News/ -- NEW YORK, Sept. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recently, Imperial Exchange Limited (IMex) has proudly announced a partnership with BitIns. The BitIns insurance platform and IMex exchanges cooperated in 2021 to launch a new global unique and powerful alliance, a currency exchange + insurance agreement that guarantees transactions, and provides safe and reliable currency asset transactions and transactions for tens of millions of users in more than 130 countries around the world. Asset management services allow users to have a stable trading platform to enhance user confidence in trading. The trading platform of this cooperation has a formal US/Canadian MSB license, and was established with the approval for relevant agencies in the US and Canada, focusing on providing professional and diversified ecological online trading services for global traders.

The cooperation between the BitIns insurance platform and the IMex exchange is a relatively well-known and unique digital currency-trading platform in the world recently. An important difference between it and other pure digital currency traders is that it has strong liquidity, professional distributed architecture and anti-attack system. The most important thing is to establish a unique multi-trader protection fund. They have an independent webpage system developed by themselves, break with the traditional simple transaction system, and create a diversified and guaranteed ecological transaction. The account opening speed is very fast, and the deposit is more convenient. It supports instant payment, and can provide the world's leading at any time through mobile phones and tablets. The mobile transactions are portable, and it is easy to enjoy the fun of investing and trading. If users are a first-time user, users can experience diversified options trading for free. If users have been trading with the traditional system, the latter may be more comfortable with the new system.

BitIns currently specialize and focus on the underwriting of digital asset risks. According to the current lack of insurance against global digital currency assets, BitIns believe that appropriate insurance protection is essential to the healthy development of any liquid financial market.

At the same time, BitIns have the world's first unique digital currency transaction insurance mechanism that allows users to earn additional income under a zero-risk insurance mechanism while trading. Relying on the excellent position formed in the years of history of the BitIns insurance platform and the IMex exchange trade field, strictly abides by its rules and regulations, review internal team members, and ensure a fair and transparent trading environment. The user can check the transaction price, accurate time and capital direction of each order, so as to protect the interests in users to the greatest extent and ensure the fairness and justice of the transaction process.

More than that, the cooperative system platform of BitIns Insurance Platform and IMex exchange has a complete trading system, comprehensive protection for / against trader's fund security, rich trading products, rich online learning resources, and adheres to the user-first service concept. In addition, a large number of strong and experienced expert teams have been assembled, relying on their professional financial knowledge and reliable currency trading services. To provide every trader with 24-hour uninterrupted currency trading services, to ensure the smoothness and convenience of every transaction of the user, and to work hard to maximize the appreciation of the user's assets.

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