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Tiger King Crypto Hype Inspires Supercar Wrap

Bugatti Chiron wrapped in tiger stripes, emblazoned with Tiger King Coin and Joe Exotic decals

Tiger King Coin wrapped Bugatti Chiron supports Joe Exotic

Bugatti Chiron wrapped in tiger stripes, emblazoned with Tiger King Coin and Joe Exotic decals

Tiger King Coin wrapped Bugatti faces down Charging Bull

Bugatti Chiron wrapped in tiger stripes, emblazoned with Tiger King Coin and Joe Exotic decals, parked in front of a windmill in the Netherlands

Tiger King Coin wrapped Bugatti Chiron draws attention to Joe Exotic's legal battle

Tiger King Coin investor draws crowd attention on the streets of Amsterdam with custom wrapped Bugatti Chiron supercar in support of Netflix star Joe Exotic

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, September 17, 2021 / -- Spotting a $3,000,000 supercar in person is a rare event but standing next to one wrapped in full tiger print on Amsterdam’s iconic streets may be a once in a lifetime occurrence. That was the scene today as an eccentric car collector toured Amsterdam in a Bugatti Chiron wrapped in tiger print, emblazoned with slogans that would not have made sense as little as a year ago. The supercar is adorned with #FreeJoeExotic and $TKING decals, along with #虎年, translating as “Year of the Tiger". As it pulled up in front of the famous Charging Bull statue the unique vehicle even drew stock traders, eager for their own chance of a memorable snapshot, off the floor of the nearby stock exchange.

To many, the name Joe Exotic is a familiar one. The 2020 Netflix television show released at the beginning of the pandemic was estimated to attract some 64 million viewers and the larger-than-life star, currently imprisoned some 7000 miles from Amsterdam, is gaining international support for his release. The car collector was quoted as saying, “I’m just like everyone else who watched Tiger King during the pandemic (I think there were about 65 million of us across the globe…!) As crazy as the story was, it helped us get through a really tough time - so I figured I’d support something that supports Joe via his fan coin, $TKING. It seemed unfair to me that he is locked up - I don’t believe he ever tried to kill that b*tch Carole Baskin… plus I love tigers - and since 2022 is the Year Of The Tiger - it all makes perfect sense - you see?”

But why the $TKING slogan? Tiger King Coin is a cryptocurrency launched earlier this year that aims to help Joe in his bid for a retrial of the case, with hopes the conviction may be overturned. Evidence recently obtained by his legal team has surfaced to suggest that he may have been framed by various individuals in coordination with prosecutors. Additionally, the Netflix star was diagnosed with signs of prostate cancer in October of 2020, and because of COVID restrictions in the U.S. prison system, has remained untreated. To support his fight for justice and health, the $TKING token has designated a portion of the overall supply to his legal and medical expenses, as well as more broadly supporting big cat charities, and gearing up to celebrate The Year of the Tiger, which begins in February of 2022.

Is $TKING the next big token, like Doge Coin? It certainly has several things going for it. Celebrity crypto currency Youtuber Matt Wallace claims to hold almost as much $TKING as $Doge, a story that has garnered coverage in international media. Several weeks ago, Netflix briefly posted a "Tiger King Season 2 coming soon" message which usually indicates a season is about to be released. And in a few short months, Asian markets will gear up for celebrations to welcome the Year of the Tiger. Beyond the celebrity status, the token is being developed into a true utility centerpiece, with multiple Decentralized Finance Applications (DAPPs) in development. Capitalizing on the NFT craze, the developers are rumored to be working towards a tiger-themed NFT launch with metaverse (crypto-based online gaming) tie-ins. The team’s whitepaper also details plans for building a launchpad to leverage the already established ties to media personalities eager to launch their own Celebrity and Charity tokens.

The Tiger King Coin (available at is traded via Uniswap and online exchanges. It will shortly be available via Credit Card purchase, allowing anyone to become a holder and to help support Joe Exotic’s quest for justice.

Could a coin dedicated to a Netflix star that captivated the entertainment space in 2020 become something big? Should crypto traders be asking #whenBugatti instead of #whenLambo… stay tuned!

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