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Anudeep Mukkamala has been waiving his fee to help struggling parents acquire medicine for their children

Anudeep Mukkamala, the founder and senior doctor at Health Hour Pediatric Center in Rochdale, Manchester, is not charging his patients.

Giving back to the community during these tough times and seeing the smiles is the only payment I want.”
— Dr. Anudeep Mukkamala

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, USA, September 14, 2021 / -- Anudeep Mukkamala, the founder and senior doctor at Health Hour Pediatric Center in Rochdale, Manchester, has been waiving his professional fee to financially help struggling parents acquire medicine for their children.

Dr. Anudeep earned a medical degree from the University of Manchester in 1985. Prior to that, he received his bachelor's degree in child development from Berkeley University in California. In 1990, he and his wife moved from California to Manchester, where he became a town pediatrician.

Prior to the establishment of Health Pediatric Center in 1991, people in their area had been flocking to him for advice even before he started his clinic. He refused to accept payments since he wanted to help their new neighbors, but as time passed, more and more parents sought to him for professional advice.

The center started with a two-story building that could accommodate twenty inpatients. With limited space and facilities, Dr. Anudeep did his best in delivering accurate diagnosis to children in their community. In addition, he charged a low professional fee and provided low-cost medications. Though he was pleased with the work he was doing, he still had a family to feed and a clinic to maintain. His pediatric center struggled financially and he was unable to purchase equipment and facilities that could improve the center and his medical practice. Dr. Anudeep, his wife, and some volunteers worked 6 days a week while looking out for sponsors and investors that could help them run the center.

In 1995, an entrepreneur reached out to him. According to Michael Burlow, a restaurant and resort owner, he was moved by Dr. Anudeep’s dedication and passion to serve his community despite his financial difficulties. Mr. Burlow’s investment enabled him to double Health Hour's bed capacity. The amenities of the facility had improved, and additional medical practitioners had come to work with him.

Since Dr. Anudeep Mukkamala had a team that helped him manage the center, he founded a child development center in the same area. He aimed to educate parents on the importance of their presence during their child’s developmental stage. He had several lectures on parenting skills and capabilities as well as child readiness to independence.

To contribute and further his knowledge in childcare, Dr. Anudeep joined the Child Development Society where he sat as the executive chairman in 1997. The organization hosted researches and innovations to promote childhood care and development services. While Dr. Anudeep was working with this organization, he authored a book entitled Child Readiness Indicator where he mentioned that parents should resist external pressure when raising their children.

In coordination with the Child Development Society, Dr. Anudeep has been receiving invitations to give lectures on child development and pediatric medical care. From time to time, the child development center he founded hosts programs to encourage parents and children interaction through innovative activities.

At present, Dr. Anudeep continues to work at Health Hour Pediatric center with two more doctors and several staff members. Though life in Rochdale has improved and financial status of residents is now better, there are still families that can’t afford to pay for their child’s medical needs. With this, Dr. Anudeep continues to waive his professional fee and even give free medications to some. His wife says even if they accept promissory notes from the parents, they’ll still have difficulty settling their fees. Thus, Dr. Anudeep chooses to waive his fee for the less unfortunate families. Furthermore, their local government initiated to give them financial aid that they allocate to eligible families to claim medical assistance.

With the help of organizations and private institutions, Health Hour will continue to offer financial assistance to the less privileged. In an interview, Dr. Anudeep mentioned his desire to open another outpatient clinic in Manchester if resources will be available. His expertise in child care and medicine would help more families in need of professional care.

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