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Dr. Robert Lieberson Addresses Vaccine Importance in Sacramento

Lieberson .

Sacramento neurosurgeon recommends COVID vaccines, volunteers services to help.

SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, September 13, 2021 / -- The pandemic continues to impact the world with new variants and increasing cases overloading hospitals. Dr. Robert Lieberson recently spent his free time volunteering in Sacramento to help vaccinate around 1,000 people.

Dr. Robert Lieberson is one of the experts encouraging his patients to consider the vaccine. He says the vaccine is relatively safe and very effective. Only around 53% of Sacramento residents are currently fully vaccinated as of August 25. “It’s so important that people get their vaccinations,” said Dr. Lieberson. “Talk to your healthcare provider if you aren’t sure about your case. We are trying to reduce the numbers in Sacramento and throughout the country. Many leading disease experts believe the vaccine and social distancing is the most effective way to do that.”

Dr. Robert Lieberson realizes there are still some concerns for people who see breakthrough cases and are concerned about vaccine effectiveness. He says the vaccine has still been successfully lowering the negative outcome rates. “The COVID vaccines have been effective at lowering the viral loads,” he explained. “This means if you get COVID after being fully vaccinated, you are likely to be less sick and spread fewer germs than if you were not vaccinated. It’s not stopping the virus completely in all cases, but it’s slowing it down.”

There is emerging evidence that the vaccine has some risks. Rare cases of cardiomyopathy have been reported. Vaccine reactions in patients with a history of Covid infection or with high antibody levels are more common. These often manifest as a flu-like syndrome for a day or two. Although vaccinated individuals can still get Covid, it is rare for them to have severe disease and the risk of the vaccine remains minuscule compared to the risk of dying from Covid. Vaccination is the only way to decrease your risk of dying.

In early August, hospitals were already reporting high numbers of COVID cases. Sacramento County hospitals were treating more than 250 severe cases of COVID-19 in early August. That number has nearly doubled to 433 COVID patients admitted to the hospital, including 114 ICU patients that are positive with COVID three weeks later. An additional 25 patients in the Sacramento hospitals are suspected COVID cases without confirmation Dr. Robert Lieberson goes on to say.

“Hospitals know exactly how serious this is,” says Dr. Lieverson. “The California Department of Public Health has now ordered hospitals to seek proof of full vaccination status for visitors. Unvaccinated people have to have a negative COVID test within the past 72 hours before being allowed into the hospital setting as visitors. No one benefits from making it difficult without reason—they know how serious this virus is, and they are dedicated to protecting their patients and staff.”

His perspective on the vaccine comes after years of training and medical practice. Dr. Lieberson is familiar with the science of the brain after completing medical school at the University of Pennsylvania, followed by seven years of training in neurosurgical practice at Stanford. He built his practice in the Bay Area before helping rebuild a struggling neurosurgery practice located in Sacramento.

Dr. Robert Lieberson wants to help the community in any way he can. He volunteered to administer vaccines after witnessing the confusion of patients and the need for experienced hands among the medical community. He hopes unvaccinated patients will talk to their doctor about the vaccine.

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