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Aesir Technologies Announces Partnership With the Eramen Minerals, Inc

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Aesir Technologies and Manila's Eramen Minerals partnership is to construct 1.5 GWh Nickel Zinc batteries in the Philippines.

Manila’s rise as an innovation and technology hub in the Asia Pacific region continues to grow through government incentives and corporate investments.”
— Randy Moore, CEO
JOPLIN, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, September 9, 2021 / -- Æsir Technologies is pleased to announce a partnership with Eramen Minerals (EMI) located in Manilla, Philippines to construct a 1.5 GWh Nickel Zinc (NiZn) battery manufacturing facility in the Philippines. The partnership will represent a vertically integrated business leveraging the abundant nickel reserves in the region to produce a battery-grade nickel hydroxide to supply the battery manufacturing plant. In announcing their Letter of Intent, Eramen Minerals President, Enrique Fernandez noted Æsir Technologies leadership and reputation within the power industry and their development of cutting edge NiZn batteries for data centers, critical infrastructure, aerospace and defense industries.

Randy Moore, CEO of Æsir Technologies stated, “our discussions initially focused on building a nickel hydroxide plant to support our US-based battery factory. Those talks quickly moved to constructing a battery plant in the Philippines to support the ASEAN region which allows the country to export a value-added technology through a vertically integrated supply chain.”

Eramen Minerals is a leader in the nickel mining industry with operations situated in Sta. Cruz and Candelaria, Zambales, covering 4,620.hectares (11,400 acres). EMI’s current annual production is between 600,000 to 1.5 Million wet metric tons. The partnership between Æsir and EMI will consist of a nickel hydroxide processing plant located on the Zambales mine site and a NiZn battery plant located in Manila. The combined projects will bring over $180M in investment into the Philippines and support over 1.5 gigawatt hours of energy storage production.

Enrique Fernandez, President of EMI said “energy storage is at the forefront of every major innovation in the renewable energy and transportation sectors. This partnership allows the Philippines to support these advancements in technology and become a key player in transformation of energy storage.

“Manila’s rise as an innovation and technology hub in the Asia Pacific region continues to grow through government incentives and corporate investments.”

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"Eramen Minerals Letter of Intent is another milestone for Æsir Technologies," said Randy Moore, CEO of Æsir Technologies. “The Asia Pacific region continues to grow as a technology and innovation hub and we are beyond excited to partner with Eramen Minerals in helping the Philippines lead the way.”

The Philippines ranked as the number one “Digital Riser” in East Asia and the Pacific, propelled by government initiatives such as the Innovative Startup Act of 2019, the Startup Venture Fund, the Startup Grant Fund, and the Philippine Startup Development Program. The partnership strategy between Eramen Minerals and Æsir Technologies ifocuses on the establishment of ad\ vertically integrated battery production facility to support growth within the region.

About Eramen Mineralsqua
Eramen Mining, Inc. is a responsible mining company led by professionals committed to the highest standards of corporate citizenship and environmental sustainability through active partnership with its stockholders, service providers and our host community. Eramen Mining, Inc. responds to the needs of society in delivering quality mineral products and service to varied local and international markets.

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