Matthew Keezer talks about Algeria – Incredible Roman History Along the Mediterranean

Matthew Keezer Visits Algeria

Matthew Keezer Visits Algeria

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, August 31, 2021 / -- If you’re interested in a vacation that is “off the beaten path” and features astonishing sites, but without all the crowds, then Algeria should be your choice. Although a huge country that most people have yet to visit, it has a surprising number of tourist attractions that you just won’t find anywhere else on the planet. When you consider the opportunity to view perfectly preserved Roman ruins and activities along the Mediterranean Sea, it’s amazing that more tourists don’t flock to this “undiscovered” location.

Noted travel authority Matthew Keezer points out that Algeria, the largest country on the continent of Africa, is merely a short flight away from Europe. On the north side of the country, you’ll find snow-capped mountains along with a truly stunning coastline. It features the urbane and picturesque cities of Constantine and Algiers as well as the most incredible Roman sites found anywhere else in the world. The perfectly preserved Roman towns of Djemila and Timgad can be explored with hardly any other tourists to be seen!

The Saharan region is another popular location to visit. Matthew Keezer notes that the peach-tinted dunes found surrounding Timimoun, along with reddish-hued mountains of the south provide the most memorable landscapes. However, one of the greatest attractions of Algiers has to be the local population. Algerians are known for providing a warm and friendly atmosphere when greeting tourists and are more than willing to share their unique culture and attractions. For a truly different type of adventure and sight-seeing, Algeria is the place to be.

Things to Do in Algeria

Matthew Keezer suggests that you check out these things to do, while you’re in Algeria:

∙Setif – For the more adventurous tourist, Setif is located in the Little Kabylie region of Algeria. These extensive and perfectly maintained Roman ruins are definitely worth the time to take exploring them in every detail. In addition to the Romans, you can also see some of the influence that has been left by the French, as well. Tourists are relatively rare at this location, so you will have the opportunity to see more of the “real” Algeria.

∙Algiers – The capital city of Algeria was originally founded by the Ottomans and is noted for its gorgeous architecture and complex history. There are nearly infinite opportunities to shop for bargains and discovering the ancient Casbah’s winding maze of urban attractions is a must for any tourist visiting this country.

∙Annaba – This beach town is close to Tunisia and offers diving and exploration of its underwater caves. An exciting night life can be found here and is considered the perfect attraction for the younger crowd.

Matthew Keezer says that this is the time to begin planning for your next vacation. This is especially true if you wish to avoid the eventual crowds that will discover some of the more obscure wonders to see in places like Algeria. Pretty soon, it’s expected that people who are interested in historical sites, coupled with beach activities will see the benefits of visiting places that can provide the best of both worlds. Algeria is certainly the place to check out, now that tourist crowds are at their minimum. Of course, Matthew Keezer also highly suggests that you follow all of the COVID restrictions that you can find on government websites.

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