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Dominiqart: The Definition of Sustainability Art

Dominiqart Boards

Dominiqart Boards

Dominiqart and Sustainability Art

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 30, 2021 / -- Dominika Zabczyk has been involved with art for quite a while, but once she connected with sustainability artwork, a whole lot of things started making real sense. Why consume and create when one can reutilize and create just as well? As much as art was originally based on awareness of what was possible for Dominika, sustainability art has come a step further in the evolution of her work, particularly in pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Sustainability art is fluid and doesn’t exist by one particular static definition alone, Dominika Zabczyk notes. While some artwork clearly focuses on messaging, particularly about the treatment of the natural environment, Dominika Zabczyk regularly sees other forms of sustainability artwork that have no messaging whatsoever but instead utilizes what already existed for another purpose and form prior to their presentation now. Whether it’s repurposing, recycling, conservation, or others, the point of sustainability art, as Dominika Zabczyk sees it, focuses primarily on squeezing more out of what already exists before consuming something new.

Most people think of art in singular formats. Painters paint, musicians play, photographers photograph, and sculptors carve. However, the world of art goes far beyond singular categories of creativity translation. Dominika Zabczyk notes that the most dynamic artwork today is holistic and integrating, the kind of style that sustainability art easily finds a comfortable home in. More interesting, sustainability art is not a new trend. In fact, many artists have used it for centuries when they were short on supplies, resources, muses, or more. Necessity drives energy and creativity under pressure, and some of the most interesting sustainability art that Dominika Zabczyk has seen has been produced through in-the-moment pushes.

Developing her own style with the moniker, Dominiqart, Dominika Zabczyk has regularly worked as a Sarasota artist to embrace sustainability art in her own creations and materials. At first, it was predictable, message-oriented, and formulaic. However, once Dominika began to delve deeper into her possibilities, the concept of sustainability art creation has become far more than just ingredients mixed in a certain manner for expected output. Instead, it works as a catalyst, pushing an artist to go farther with the same, to reconnect and reconstitute for another meaning, purpose, and development than just accepting the finality of an object in its last form. And, in turn, the artwork then achieves the fundamental purpose of sustainability, extending the time and utility of the artwork material longer. This is the very nature of sustainability art that Dominika Zabczyk has learned and become in her own Sarasota artist work product over time.

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