CRS Info Solutions Takes Software Training to the Next Level with the Latest in Salesforce Certification Courses

As the leading software training and consulting service provider in the market, CRS Info Solutions provides top-notch Salesforce Certification training.

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 25, 2021 / -- Offering an array of courses suitable for those wishing to get Salesforce training, CRS Info Solutions is a popular choice – so popular, in fact, that the company recently announced that over 10,000 students have successfully completed the courses they offer. According to company spokesperson Praneeth, there are many good reasons as to why Salesforce training courses are so much in demand:

“If you are Salesforce certified, you have a definite edge over your competition as far as your career is concerned,” says Praneeth. “Not only will it open up a whole world of new opportunities, it will also allow you to earn a higher salary, too.”

Other reasons why people look for Salesforce qualifications to fast-forward their careers include the following:

• A certificate proves that the applicant has mastered working with Salesforce products
• Certification results in an in-depth understanding of the software and increases productivity
• It provides an invaluable boost in confidence, and helps build better relationships with clients

CRS Info Solutions training modules consist of three different certification paths:

Salesforce Administration prepares students for the administrative side of CRM, which includes defining user requirements and customizing Salesforce software.

Platform Developer training prepares students to become professional with skills for building custom apps using the Salesforce Platform.

Lightning Web Components teaches students to build faster and optimized applications on the Salesforce Lightning Platform using popular programming languages like Javascript and HTML.

With affordable training fees, the modules are offered by highly experienced professional trainers who help students not only to acquire the certificates they desire, but also to master interview questions and prepare outstanding resumes. After completing the certification process, students can apply for companies looking for employees with Salesforce training. CRS Info Solutions also provides a comprehensive list of Salesforce interview questions and answers to help.

“There’s an incredible demand for Salesforce-qualified people right now,” Praneeth concludes. “And the salary ranges you can expect definitely make it worth your while.”

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On a mission is to upgrade students’ knowledge bank through special courses in software development and practical experience of technological advancements, CRS Info Solutions believes in shaping professions for a better future.

With a constant eye on the latest technological trends, the company’s team of experts help students acquire certificates, master interview questions and prepare outstanding resumes at exceptionally reasonable prices.

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