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Jane HR and Proof Leadership Group Introduces a Holistic Hiring Solution

A holistic culture-driven hiring solution is essential for fostering success

USA, August 24, 2021 / -- and Proof Leadership Group partner to bring an innovative hiring solution., the leading smart-hiring service, has partnered with Proof Leadership Group to provide a holistic culture-driven hiring and development solution. The partnership will provide an innovative comprehensive solution to help organizations align their entire employee lifecycle around a culture that allows them to thrive and achieve their intended impact.

Hiring For Culture
Every organization has a culture, whether they realize it or not. The culture can either be one that creates an environment of success, or one that leads to frustration and negativity. As the effects of the pandemic persist, many organizations are attempting to upskill their teams and transform their culture, especially in the context of a remote work environment.

While organizations are taking concerted steps to cultivate their cultures, many do not succeed even though they are spending significant resources. This is in large part due to organizations simply not having the right people on their teams. In order to achieve their ideal culture, organizations must hire people who can support and grow that culture. Hence, the new partnership between and Proof Leadership Group ensures that organizations put hiring for culture first.

A Success-Driven Partnership
For the past five years, and Proof Leadership Group have worked with mutual impact-driven clients.

Getting the right people is the foundation of any organization’s success. As a comprehensive and smart hiring service, has focused on helping clients implement culture-driven hiring processes, and provide hires that seamlessly fit into the organization. Through their state-of-the-art platform, best practice talent strategy, and highly experienced team, ensures that clients hire people that can achieve objectives and foster success.

At the same time, Proof Leadership Group has become an industry leader in cultural development and transformation. By focusing on building an outstanding culture where people can thrive in both in-person and virtual environments, the group empowers organizations to create clarity, trust and a work environment that maximizes their outcomes.

Proof Leadership Group founder, Dustin Peterson has remarked on the importance of the partnership. “Proof Leadership Group is a culture company so we're all about making sure your organization retains and engages your team members so they thrive, but the gap in great culture is always in hiring. How do you find the right people? does that exceptionally well and we're excited to work together to bring clients sourcing, recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, coaching, and engagement solutions, all in one place."

Together, their partnership will enable organizations to leverage a culture-driven, smart hiring solution that amplifies success.

A Holistic Culture & Team Building Plan
Through the partnership, and Proof Leadership Group have created an actionable, concrete holistic culture and team-building plan. The underlying idea of the plan is simple, it creates a smart hiring strategy rooted in the organization’s culture.

However, some organizations may need a little help in figuring out exactly who they are and what they need. Accordingly, organizations will be assisted in clarifying their culture, purpose, values and mission, along with other key aspects. With a clear understanding of the organization’s cultural needs, a smart hiring strategy will be created. As is the norm, will provide for every aspect of the hiring process. This will include job ads, sourcing, ranking, skills assessments, phone screens, interview prep, interview scheduling and managing rejection and offers.

Notably, the comprehensive plan also goes beyond simply getting new staff on the payroll. In order to maximize the cultural fit, the partners are available to help onboard the new team members, provide training and development, and lastly, assess their progress, build momentum and refine the process where necessary.

Located in Philadelphia, was co-founded by Everett Reiss to disrupt the recruitment industry by simply focusing on hiring the right person the organization needs. Today, this smart-hiring service has already assisted many of the world’s top brands in acquiring talent, this includes KIPP and Toshiba.

For more information about and their comprehensive and smart-hiring service, visit their website here.

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