Heaven Skincare Bee Venom Mask

Heaven Skincare Bee Venom Mask

Leading UK beauty brand Heaven Skincare has joined forces with American company Skincareplug to be the official US distributor of its entire product portfolio.

Discerning US consumers will finally have easy access to this most luxurious line that women and men in the UK have been enjoying for decades, including Deborah’s royal and celebrity clientele.”
— Margie Adelman
BOCA RATON, FL, US, August 24, 2021 / -- Skincareplug LLC announced today that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with established beauty brand Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell from the UK. The agreement provides Skincareplug with exclusive distribution rights for the entire product portfolio in the US as well as the country of Colombia.

Skincareplug founder Margie Adelman explains: “We are thrilled to represent Heaven in the US and Colombia and after only a few months we can see that the demand is scaling up quickly. Discerning US consumers will finally have easy access to this most luxurious line that women and men in the UK have been enjoying for decades, including Deborah’s royal and celebrity clientele.”

Heaven Founder and celebrity facialist Deborah Mitchell has seen growing global demand for her skincare essentials and this major deal will make the complete range more accessible in the US market. It will also see the launch of a new consumer website this autumn – – as well the professional level products being available at select spas, luxury hotels, cosmetic surgery practices and upscale retail.

Deborah’s legendary ABEETOXIN®derived from ethically, sustainably-sourced bee venom is an epic advancement in skincare for those who are looking for an effective natural, non-invasive solution to injectables that works along a similar pathway as Botox and other neurotoxins to preserve youthful looking skin and slow down the aging process. The best part is not a single bee is harmed in the process of collecting the venom.

Margie is a long-time veteran in the natural health and beauty industry with more than 30 years of experience in successfully marketing and introducing natural products into the US market. However, it was her daughter Sophia Sanchez, a popular medical esthetician known as “Skincareplug,” in Miami, who first discovered Heaven.

Sophie says: “When I discovered Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell, I was shocked to find out that only a small circle of A-list celebrities in the US knew about it. That is when I approached my mother and said we have to get this over here.”

“I started using Deborah’s products on my clients and the response has been overwhelming – they love how they are gentle, yet extremely powerful at the same time. Her ABEETOXIN® is as revolutionary today as it was when it first launched in the UK. She also uses natural botanicals grown from her own organic garden. The products are heavenly. There is nothing like them out there,” said Sophia.

“I have the privilege of working with clients who can afford to use anything they want and yet they keep coming back to me asking for Heaven products because they get results. Perhaps even more importantly, they complement some of the more advanced skincare treatments we offer without causing a reaction,” she added.

Deborah Mitchell adds: “We have been delighted to see how the American market has responded to Heaven Skincare. I have seen demand rocket over the last few years for my products – especially the Bee Venom Masks – as they always gain worldwide reputation when they are launched; this deal will make them even more accessible in the US and it’s a pleasure to work so closely with Margie and Sophie because they are 100% behind what we do”.

To schedule a Bee Sting Facial with Sophia or purchase the Heaven Products call Get Refreshed at 305-988- 9504 or Visit @getrefreshed1 or @Skincareplug on IG for more info.

For wholesale orders in the US, please contact or call 916-220-3500 The new US site at will launch later this year.

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