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LaneAxis Direct Freight Network Closes Out $5 Million Equity Crowdfund Ahead of Schedule

LaneAxis Campaign Oversubscribed


AXIS Token

AXIS Token

Campaign averaged $1m per month, reaching max in near-record time

Our mission of creating the industry’s first broker-free direct freight network has undeniably evolved into a movement.”
— Rick Burnett | LaneAxis CEO & Founder

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, USA, August 19, 2021 / -- LaneAxis, Inc., a patented freight-focused SaaS platform powered by blockchain, has done it again. For the second straight year, LaneAxis closed out its Regulation Crowdfund (Reg CF) campaign ahead of schedule, triggering an immediate overflow of dozens of prospective investors added to the waitlist. This year’s campaign, which launched March 15, 2021, lasted almost exactly 5 months, officially selling out August 18, 2021. Averaging $1 million in contributions per month, LaneAxis became the second-fastest campaign on StartEngine to reach its cap under revised SEC rules that went into effect this year. The new guidelines allow Reg. CF offerings to raise up to $5 million in a calendar year. Prior to 2021, Reg. CF offerings could only raise up to $1.07 million per year.

4,476 people invested in the LaneAxis Direct Network this time around, with the average investment totaling $882. LaneAxis now has over 6,500 shareholders. The company was incorporated in 2015.

“Our mission of creating the industry’s first broker-free direct freight network has undeniably evolved into a movement,” says Rick Burnett, LaneAxis CEO & Founder. “We knew it last year when we launched our first campaign in the midst of a pandemic-fueled supply chain crisis. That opened a lot of eyes to the power and potential of a blockchain and AI-backed direct freight network to mitigate such emergencies. Our message resonated then, and with the giant strides we’ve made in the past year, resonates even more now.”

Since closing out its first Reg. CF offering in the spring of 2020, LaneAxis officially launched the direct freight network last fall. Several thousand carriers (trucking companies) and hundreds of shippers are now registered in the network. Concurrent with the network launch, LaneAxis’ subsidiary company, AXIS Token, Int’l, partnered with Pixelplex, a leading blockchain development firm, to engineer a blockchain protocol and smart contract governed by the AXIS Token which is now being integrated into LaneAxis’ patented core SaaS platform. The LaneAxis blockchain is being built on the Ethereum Layer 2 Optimism network, which is geared toward greater scalability, lower transaction fees, faster transaction throughput, and lower energy usage.

AXIS Utility Tokens will be used to validate freight shipment milestones such as proof-of-pickup and delivery, geofence entry and exit notifications, and to access valuable load-level and industry-wide data such as average wait times at docks and driver/carrier performance scores. The blockchain ensures complete integrity of data and chain-of-custody, two major problems weighing down the transportation industry.

“Many trucking companies, especially small ones, and many shippers have been begging for the elimination of unnecessary intermediaries,” adds Burnett. “We’ve achieved that by creating a true shipper-to-carrier Direct Network. Now we’ve taken our solution even further by integrating the security, transparency and functionality of blockchain technology powered by the AXIS Token. We are future-proofing our platform for the benefit of the entire supply chain, from manufacturers to retailers to truckers to consumers. Everyone wins.”

Small trucking companies with 10 trucks or less – which represent 97% of U.S. carriers – have been especially boisterous in their support of the LaneAxis mission to streamline the notoriously unfair and inefficient freight industry. Below are several comments from truckers who invested in LaneAxis:

“I'm an independent inventor with issued utility patents from the USPTO. My dad was a newspaperman turned trucker celebrity who authored numerous books about trucking. My husband and I have hauled primarily for shippers in the past [including] Nestle and PepsiCo. Currently we are leaving a hazmat job searching for work, and I have to be honest and say LaneAxis sounds like a dream come true. Connecting shippers directly to carriers is what is desperately needed in the trucking industry. The LaneAxis business model is a great way to eliminate the unnecessary middleman between shippers and carriers. The large trucking companies like JB Hunt, Knight/Swift and Schneider are destroying the industry with their greed.”
-April Cantley

“I'm about to make my 3rd investment into this future behemoth. In every way, shape and form these guys are the real deal! Several years from now, (after LaneAxis is a global conglomerate through which every shipper and carrier must conform to/cooperate with, to transport anything anywhere) will you not be filled with regret? People, the future of logistics is here, it's called LaneAxis. This is not the boat you want to miss!”
-Shane Oliver

“This is my initial experience with the platform. As a veteran in the transportation industry, I am super excited to watch LaneAxis succeed with this endeavor. The concept offers a realistic opportunity to remedy operations pain points.”
-Andrea Kirkland

LaneAxis is now launching an aggressive marketing push to get major shippers into the network. Our shareholder and advisory group is comprised of current and former supply chain executives from corporate titans including Walmart, Conagra, and BP Oil.

The AXIS Token is currently listed on top-25 cryptocurrency exchange Probit. It will soon be listed on a top-10 exchange, which we will announce soon.

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