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Waphyto Announces Summer Promotion Featuring Free Mini Bottle Hair Care Gift Set

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TOKYO, JAPAN, August 14, 2021 / -- Japanese clean beauty brand Waphyto has announced a new summer campaign beginning August 15th. The special promotion will include a complimentary gift of a mini bottle hair care set for all customers who purchase more than $150 worth of product.

The promotion will be available exclusively online and supplies are limited. Customers who receive the mini gift set will have their choice between either the Elevate or Nurture fragrance and will have the opportunity to experience Waphyto’s uniquely holistic hair care line in a convenient small size package. Each set features a 30ml shampoo and 30g conditioner.

About the Hair Care Series

Waphyto’s hair care collection is unique in that it addresses common concerns - such as dry, dull, or damaged hair - through a plant biomethodology lens. The series was created by Waphyto’s founder, an award-winning phytotherapist. With a holistic approach at the forefront of Waphyto’s formulations, the hair care collection focuses on changes that occur in the hair due to hormone imbalance, aging, or dryness.

The brand’s shampoos and conditioners were also created with skincare in mind, utilizing natural botanical ingredients that promote softer, shinier hair without irritating the scalp. All products in the haircare collection contain plant-powered ingredients and Waphyto’s signature proprietary botanicals, including Mulberry, chrysanthemum (Japanese calendula), gotu kola, mugwort, and horsetail (Japanese sugina).

In keeping with the brand’s clean beauty standards, all of the hair care essentials are silicon free, sulfate free and use natural activators. Waphyto’s goal is to keep it simple for treating both the hair and the skin.

Additionally, because Waphyto’s hair care line is based on the Yin and Yang theory of Eastern medicine, the collection features two different aromatherapy formulas to choose from, making it easy to customize a hair care routine according to any hair type or concern. The various pieces of each series can be used in tandem, or scents can be mixed, to create a spa-like experience from the comfort of home.

About Nurture Shampoo & Conditioner

The Nurture Series features shampoo and conditioner in a calming and soothing scent. An aromatherapy blend of lavender, lemon, geranium, rosemary, camphor leaf, bergamot, and orange create an incredible multi-layered fragrance that is designed to relax the mind and body.

About Elevate Shampoo & Conditioner

Products from the Elevate series, including shampoo and conditioner, were crafted with the same signature formula as the Nurture Series but with an invigorating twist. The Elevate Collection is fragranced with its own unique aromatherapy mixture of mandarin, lavender, orange, rosemary, coriander, clove, and camphor leaf essential oils, for an uplifting aroma that energizes and rejuvenates.

About The Ingredients: Homegrown in Japan

Waphyto products feature five highly functional, natural ingredients: Mulberry, chrysanthemum (Japanese calendula), gotu kola, mugwort, and horsetail (Japanese sugina). These proprietary ingredients are extracted using a saturated steam pressure cyclone method.

Many of the brand’s ingredients are grown in Mikawa, Aichi Prefecture, which is located on the Median Tectonic Line, the longest fault zone in Japan. The region is known to be one of the most energy-filled places on Earth and the nutrient-rich soil is the perfect place for growing Waphyto’s plant-based components. Each ingredient is carefully selected in cooperation with Kinki University as well as field experts in agriculture, pharmacology, and bioscience.

About Waphyto: The Power of Plants Meets Modern Cosmetic Science

Developed by award-winning phytotherapist Atsuko Morita, based on her knowledge of traditional herbalism and modern beauty technology, Waphyto is a self-care and wellness brand that combines the finest natural ingredients with the most sophisticated cosmetic innovations.

From skincare to body and hair care, Waphyto products embody an appreciation for Japanese Wa culture - promoting peace and harmony. With a passion for preserving the purity of nature, Waphyto works to ensure that all ingredients and formulas meet the highest standards of the company’s scientists and herbalists, as well as those of today’s socially responsible marketplace.

All Waphyto products:

● Use 100% natural plant-based essential oils
● Contain no synthetic colors
● Contain no synthetic fragrances
● Contain no petroleum-based surfactants
● Contain no phenoxyethanol
● Are paraben-free
● Are ethanol-free

Waphyto is committed to producing holistic wellness products that are Elemental, Ethical, Environmental and Empowering. These four keywords encompass the company’s definition of clean beauty and brand accountability.

All products are available to purchase via the brand’s online shop at The summer promotion will apply to all purchases of $150 or more, while supplies last.

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