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Longevity Clinical Trials Q3 2021

Clinical Trials Landscape

Clinical Trials Landscape

Aging Analytics Agency Provides Insights into the 500 Companies, 300 Investors, and 100 R&D Centres Involved in the Longevity Clinical Trials Industry

The Longevity Сlinical Trials Q3 2021 report provides analysis of the 500 Companies, 300 Investors, and 100 R&D Centres Involved in the Longevity Clinical Trials Industry”
— Aging Analytics Agency
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, August 16, 2021 / -- Aging Analytics Agency, a subsidiary of Deep Knowledge Group, releases an open-access, 100-page Longevity Clinical Trials Q3 2021 report that provides insights for familiarization with the present state of clinical trials and the role of Longevity trials within that wider landscape. This analytical case study contains an unrivalled database that offers a deeper look at the organizations, investors, and R&D facilities that are leading in terms of the number and quality of clinical trials undertaken. Notable trials and corporations are meticulously studied and assessed. Each stage of the trial is investigated individually.

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Throughout history, discovering and creating new drugs has played a crucial role in the life extension enterprise. After the basic approach of clinical trials was described in the 18th century, efforts were made to refine the design and statistical approaches. These efforts were followed by changes in the regulatory and ethics milieu. Since then, clinical trials have evolved into a standardized procedure, focusing on the scientific assessment of treatment efficacy and the guarding of patients’ safety.
The analytical case study offers detailed insights into several aspects of the Longevity Clinical Trials industry that are crucial for understanding treatment method dynamics. These insights include:
- A comprehensive analysis of the 500 companies, 300 investors, and 100 R&D centres that are leading by the amount and quality of clinical trials.
- Far-reaching Longevity Clinical Trials market overview with industry meta-analysis that gives a unique forecast on market trends.
- Comparative analysis of how clinical trial results impacted market capitalization dynamics and financial indicators of 10 public longevity companies.
- A glance at the current state of the most significant clinical trials of Longevity-related therapies.
- An overview of product tendencies and the dynamics of treatment approaches.

Major business takeaways from the Longevity Clinical Trials Report include the following:

- The global Preclinical Studies and Clinical Trials market size was measured at $48.8B in 2020 and is projected to grow an average CAGR of 6% from 2020 till 2026 to reach $70.5B. Despite increasing interest in recent years, the industry remains underestimated and has high growth potential.
- While few of the clinical trials examined dealt with aging directly, the vast majority of clinical research is currently dealing with age-related conditions due to higher market interest in precision drugs for specific diseases. Longevity trials are focused on increasing an individual's lifespan and increasing life quality at a later age. Most of them are now focused on fighting cell senescence and restoring regenerative potential.
- The recent growth of the clinical trial market is fueled by the synergy of four factors – increasing numbers of vaccine trials, an increase in remote trials, disruptions to clinical trials, and new technologies. While the former two market trends are projected to level off after the COVID-19 pandemic, the latter two are here to stay, laying the ground for continued development in the industry.
- Clinical trials are a continuously expanding field of scientific study. Continued and substantial funding of the drug development sphere will facilitate continuous progress and development, requiring ever-deeper analytics for a precise overview.

Some of the key points from the analysis include the following:

- The preclinical study is a stage of drug development that precedes clinical trials and, under the present protocol, is mostly conducted in animal models.
- However, it is becoming evident that the preclinical stage can now be partially transferred to in silico research. In its current state, this method is more reliable and resource-saving. Redefining the approach to preclinical studies is an upcoming process that will happen within 10 years.
- There are vanishingly few clinically validated drugs that reliably extend Healthy Human Longevity. Clinical trials have a less than 1% success rate in humans after animal trials. At the same time, developments in the AI and modelling spheres are pushing the market to achieve better results, which leads to the promise of further revision of the research approach.
- While clinical studies generally dominated the attention of investors, the global Preclinical Studies Market Size is projected to grow an average CAGR of 8.1% compared to only 5.9% of clinical trials. The difference in growth can be explained by the USA 21st Century Cures Act, which accelerated the approval process for advanced drugs and medical devices.
- Out of nine recognized hallmarks of aging, only two – namely, altered intercellular communication and mitochondrial dysfunction – are treatable with drugs that have passed into Phase 3 of clinical trials. This means that, while the need for such medicines is recognized, progress in obtaining viable products is still quite slow.

Clinical trials are an ever-expanding branch of scientific investigation. Although the majority of them do not provide great outcomes, their paradigm underpins the whole area of contemporary medicines. Recently, more inventive methods of conducting research in this sector have emerged, perhaps leading to a restructuring of the approach of the trial. Longevity is an emerging field of study in the modern medical approach. Therefore most of the advances are now faced with a clinical trials system. Understanding the dynamics of Longevity therapeutics in clinical studies can grant a comprehensive analysis of the market, which can be used for its improvement.

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