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“G.E.T. Customer Service Excellence” by Nick Walpert Helps Business Owners Take Customer Service to the Next Level

Nick Walpert book

Nick Walpert book

Nick Walpert

Nick Walpert

Nick Walpert 2

Nick Walpert 2

Nick Walpert's book, “G.E.T. Customer Service Excellence,” Helps Business Owners Take Customer Service to the Next Level.

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, August 12, 2021 / -- Nick Walpert’s book, “G.E.T: Customer Service Excellence” is set to be released in print version on the 29th of October 2021. The book is already retailing on Amazon at about $10.78.

Walpert’s book targets business executives and equips them with the most current corporate knowledge on customer service. It also provides them with the technical expertise they can use to train their personnel on the same.

Human Resource managers, front office operators, and students will also find this book extremely useful. As a paperback with just over 50 pages, individuals will have a pocket copy to refer to it in various organizational situations and circumstances.
Essentially, the book is an essential guide to business owners and their employees. For large companies, the book provides a good training program as well as a reference guide. Large corporations experience very dynamic business situations, hence needing a reference that managers can refer to when faced with an ever-changing customer relations environment.

Small scale entrepreneurs and start-ups will also find this paperback customer service guide very useful. That’s because customer service is at the heart of their survival. Without proper customer service, such businesses would easily lose their clientele to their bigger competitors. With a pocket-size print version of the book, it is easy for small business owners to refer to the book whenever the situation dictates.

The book has the tools and insights to ensure that every business owner or manager can guide their customer service personnel in the right direction. The tools include practical guides and motivational techniques that will see businesses transform customer service and grow their operations exponentially.

Business students will also find this customer service guide particularly useful. Most business books tend to touch on general topics with very few specializing in one area of business. Walpert’s book is a comprehensive guide on the most important business area,, customer service. The tools, both motivational and practical customer service, are of importance to students as they prepare to leave school and either start their ventures or join the corporate world. For those that will venture into business, it will serve as a useful guide to show them how to manage their customers in competitive business environments.

Walpert’s Background and Expertise
Nick Walpert is an authority in the area of corporate management and customer service. In the four decades that he been in the corporate world, Walpert has managed to transform the corporate world by setting very high standards of excellence.

As a former executive in various multinational organizations such as MacDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Wendy’s International, Pyramid Beer & Alehouses among others, he has managed to collect detailed information, knowledge, and experience to be in a position to write such a book and guide others. He especially credits the McDonald’s training programs for preparing him to be the authority he is, in this area of corporate business.

As an individual, Walpert is a go-getter. He will stop at nothing to learn and integrate his knowledge towards the benefit and growth of his organization. He has an entrepreneurial acumen and the zeal to succeed as well as a strong humanitarian spirit. He seeks not only to grow revenues but also to ensure that these businesses are helpful to society.

He began his entrepreneurial journey at 18 years when he opened Juicy Burgers Restaurants back in 1978. He has since opened a range of other businesses and turned them into mega successes. Among his other establishments include MedSpa, Surgery America, and Advanced Renovation Services, among others.

Walpert is also an experienced motivational speaker as well as a leadership trainer. He has over 35 years of experience in business training and leadership. He frequently holds seminars for small-scale entrepreneurs, large corporations as well as high school and college students. These experiences have helped him enhance his skills and become an even better businessperson and speaker.

Walpert is not just about the normal motivational cliché but brings about real-life experiences in all of his seminars. He is known to tailor-make every speech and training session to suit the needs of his particular audience. It is no wonder that businesses in the United States of America rank him as .one of the country’s top motivational speakers.

With all that experience, knowledge, and skills, expect Walpert’s book on customer service and management is one of a kind. At only about $10.57, customers will get more than value for money and grow their businesses to the next level. Walpert started as an 18-year old small food retailer and rose to a business mogul and corporate speaker, commanding thousands of dollars per speech. For someone with such a level of experience, his book can be a helpful guide to anyone who takes time to follow and understand it.

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