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Zebulon Treble has just launched Trebletech

Zebulon Treble is the CEO and Founder of Trebletech

After three years of research, development and fund raising, I am ecstatic to launch this company. And the timing couldn't be better with companies going digital more than ever.”
— Zebulon Treble

MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, August 10, 2021 / -- Zebulon Treble is about to start on a fresh and very exciting and unique venture. The world's first artificial intelligence-powered security software that can develop, alter, and deliver data security suggestions based on the individual has been published by Trebletech's Founder and CEO. The application, according to Treble, uses a novel algorithm developed by his organization to gain access to guarded data from users' safe databases just by looking at their faces. He goes on to explain that in the near future, a holographic prototype might be developed to give users better access to and manipulation of their data, as well as supporting them in their attempts.

Treble is partnering with a number of online and digital security firms to research and study malicious malware and viruses, as well as their methods. As previously announced, the Trebletech team will host a live stream (Q&A) webinar to learn more about users' reactions and perspectives. They also concurred that with a few cycles of the process of trial and error, they'd be able to achieve success while keeping the users' best interests in consideration. Meanwhile, several reservations have been expressed about its dependability and critical scenarios, such as whether it would aid in determining the seriousness of the crisis and if it would be able to rapidly secure important data and information from sudden cyberattacks, during the premiere. Treble assuaged everyone's fears and told them that the app is wonderful, citing collaborations with a number of world-renowned cybersecurity experts. Treble then reassured everyone that it is both safe and trustworthy. He also stated that while the concept is original and unique, he is optimistic that it will result in significant advancements in the realm of cybersecurity. Furthermore, Treble noted that we may learn more about the company's reasons for developing this software, as well as their testing, findings, and discoveries, by visiting the company's websites and webinars.
Zebulon Treble and his organization have mentioned all relevant data clearly and without exclusion because user well-being is important to them. In conclusion, the organization will do all possible to keep them safe. Treble spoke with The Havana Times about his future goals, adding that he is not just an engineer and the director of Trebletech, but also a user like everyone else, experiencing the same problems. Treble always pays close attention to them when it comes to new standards and advancements that may and should be integrated, as proven through Facebook and YouTube broadcast events. He also advises engineers to use it for research, as they are exploring incorporating holographic pictures of digital data into the research realm. Treble claims that during the last five years, they've made significant advancements in Computer Sciences and that they're eager to continue doing so, despite the fact that it costs a lot of money. Treble also noted that expanding the Cybersecurity industry has always been a goal of his, and he is happy to contribute. In essence, Zebulon Treble admits that he had no idea how a business functioned at first, how to deal with staff, advertise the items, or communicate them to the rest of the world. But, to put it mildly, he learned and created an amazing team throughout his work period. He also stated that he entrusts them with everything, and that they appreciate him when He thinks and says something, and that they immediately begin working on it out of respect for him. he is really happy with that.

Treble branded the program "CyberBodyguard" because of his background in the cybersecurity and technology industries. It includes features like detecting complicated malware, protecting against spying software, and obtaining immediate professional assistance if needed. It also learns the user's usage behavior and alerts them to any crucial actions that must be taken in the event of an issue.

He intends to travel to his homeland of New York to work on the app's updates, which will involve resolving any bugs and adding features that no one has ever seen before. Treble went on to say that Trebletech might become a pioneer in the cybersecurity industry, as well as AI technology, because they will be working on new algorithms that they don't want to release since they want to surprise the world. They've integrated an AI smart assistant in the app that uses face recognition to recognize user data. If the user's data is secured in the next days, the AI will utilize its auditory talents to recommend relevant actions to keep the data safe at all times.

As Treble predicted, the difficulty of their task would increase as they received feedback from others. They are, in essence, ready to deal with any issues that may emerge along the way. They also expect future incarnations of this program to include holograms, allowing users to view their data in a new form that is more appropriate for our present technological advances.

Treble also aspires to be a prominent entrepreneur over the coming years, thanks to his approaches and theories in other aspects of the IT business, something that Trebletech has been keeping as another surprise discussed much.
Treble mentioned that in the future, he hopes to work with a younger generation of researchers in order to assist them in achieving their objectives and aspirations.

In fact, Trebletech has linked with individuals all around the world through its numerous social media channels, and is now offering free mentorship to young people who have an interest in the tech business and cybersecurity advancements.

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