Innovative New App, AICare, Utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Data Algorithms to Support User Health

The app's integrated virtual clinic is one of the most relevant and anticipated developments in recent years.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, August 10, 2021 / -- AICare Health is pleased to announce the official global launch of its innovative app that seamlessly connects patients to their trusted family doctors and medical practitioners. Billed as the healthcare of the future, the AIcare app puts users in control of their health.

AIcare Health is a healthcare technology company building a patient-centric healthcare system. Developed in Sydney, Australia, the company's AIcare app performs as an integrated virtual clinic for patients and medical clinics - with functions including online booking, video consultation, electronic health records maintenance, prescription ordering, online symptom check, emotion detecting, messaging, and reminders.

AIcare’s vertically integrated primary care platform powers a personalized, end-to-end healthcare experience, from diagnosis, to delivery of medication, and to ongoing care. With a nationwide provider network, in-home care programming and proprietary pharmacy distribution centers, AIcare seamlessly connects telehealth, diagnostics and pharmacy services to provide high-quality, affordable healthcare without the need for insurance.

The app provides high-quality healthcare in minutes, not days. This means no more taking time off from work, arranging for childcare, sitting in crowded waiting rooms or facing surprise bills. AIcare connects users to general practitioners, nurses or pharmacists whenever and wherever one is needed at no additional cost. Medication is delivered directly to doorsteps; in-home lab testing and nurse visits are provided; and transparent pricing on all products and services is provided. Not only that, but end users can also use the app's emotion detection algorithm, which is specifically designed to help them become more aware of their mental and emotional status online.

Addtionally, AIcare also makes healthcare more efficient for doctors by collecting a patient’s history, highlighting common risk factors, flagging contraindications, and consistently checking in with patients using AI assistant.

AIcare’s platform is the (only) one that connects a nationwide network of providers with a nationwide pharmacy to deliver personalized treatment directly to homes. This enables physicians, nurses and pharmacists using the platform to seamlessly track a patient’s journey with AIcare and facilitates frictionless care coordination between providers to provide high-quality care.)

Whether caring for a loved one in their home, providing visiting healthcare services or managing an assisted-living facility, AIcare offers a range of value-added services to providers, as well as to care recipients that allows them to enjoy home life with 24/7 emotional and physical assistance.

The AIcare platform leverages the most recent advances in cognitive psychology, decision psychology and emotional psychology, as well as AI technologies such as deep learning, big data processing, semantic understanding, and medical interactive dialogue with medicine.

Dr. Chris Ding, the app’s developer, brought his own healthcare experience to the creation of the AIcare app. Ding, an AI and data algorithm expert, worked for IBM and Watson Labs for many years. After his wife was diagnosed with cancer, he spent seven years providing caretaking for her until she passed away.

“We started AIcare because we wanted you to never have to put your life on hold because you couldn’t get high-quality healthcare,” Dr. Ding said.

He added, “Ultimately, we aspire to be your first call – to either handle everything you need from beginning to end or to guide you throughout your journey when you’re better served by others. We see a world in which patients are in complete control of their care. A world in which GPs, nurses and pharmacists are empowered, not replaced by technology. A world in which your health is an afterthought, not because it’s not important, but because everything is being taken care of and you’re too busy living your best life. It’s a lofty goal and we know we have work to do. But it’s an aspiration worth devoting ourselves to entirely.”

For more information, visit The app can be found in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

Chris Ding
AICare Health