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Black Warrior-King (Treatise)

Black Warrior-King

Black Warrior-King

“Black Warrior-King” sheds light on the greatness of African American History!

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2021 / -- In Dr. Terence Candell’s Treatise, Candell chronicles the global history of Black heroes and civilization-building, as well as racial oppression and Systemic racism (which continues to be a pressing issue in the United States).

Author Terence Candell’s "Black Warrior-King," adds to the discourse with a treatise on the historic and ongoing injustices faced by Black People, particularly Black Men. With his book, Candell presents the continuing discrimination and oppression that occurs in the United States, ranging from the kidnapping to the subjugation and denigration to the killing of Black People. He contrasts this with the historic contributions and achievements Black People have and continue to make. Hence, the title "Black Warrior-King".

Dr. Candell strives to illuminate his readers on the achievements of Black People and dispel myths and negative imagery. Additionally, with this knowledge, readers can re-examine their own views on historic and current events; correct mistruths; and address both internalized and externally-imposed ideologies and beliefs.

A longtime educator, Candell aims to raise awareness of not only the racial, structural, economic and political challenges faced by Black People, but also inform them of their history so that they can take pride in their heritage and continue to build wherever they go. With this, “Black Warrior-King” equips all people with the knowledge and inspiration needed to continue to strive for a better future by facing the barriers before them and breaking through these and, ultimately, rise to new heights.

"Dig. Research for yourselves. It is time to be educated," Candell encourages his readers. In "Black Warrior-King", he challenges socially, historically and politically-accepted norms in media and social media, bringing to bear his perspective as an educated black man in modern America and contributing to the ever-growing collective awareness of these issues.

About the Author:
Dr. Terence Candell, Ph.D. was born and raised in Oakland, California and spent 35 years in education as a Teacher, Counselor, Principal, Director, Marketing Professional, Lecturer, Music Producer, Movie Producer and Entertainer – helping countless students, employees and families reach new heights of achievement. Dr. Candell has written numerous scripts; produced films; produced 17 music albums and 10 music videos; he has received numerous distinctions and awards; published four books; and founded several schools. He is a Black Warrior-King!

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