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Finlay McArthur's Trilogy Explores Human Evolutionary Potential

Books by Finlay McArthur

Books by Finlay McArthur

Finlay McArthur

Finlay McArthur

“Get out of Your Way,” “The Human Whisperer,” “The Human Mind, Dominion of Change" give glimpses of humanity's future

UNITED KINGDOM, August 6, 2021 / -- Drawing from his lifelong fascination with the workings of the universe and the mind, Finlay McArthur delves deeper into these subjects with his trilogy of books: “Get out of Your Way,” "The Human Whisperer," and “The Human Mind, Dominion of Change.” With these he encapsulates the changes occurring in these times, both within humanity and the wider world, and shows readers how they can harness these for the purpose of self-improvement.

A neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, hypnotherapist, psychic and medium, McArthur is accustomed to delving into the inner mysteries and with his books he shares his revelations. In their pages he shares a myriad of profound realizations so readers can glean invaluable lessons that can help them change their lives for the better.

"Get out of Your Way" explores what lies beyond the tip of human evolution, and here readers see how the author continues investigating new ideas, theories, scientific developments and of course his explorations in mediumship. As McArthur says, "Science continues to break through what we thought was true and take us on the never-ending journey of discovery that, in itself, opens up new avenues of consciousness which we must take time to understand."

In "The Human Whisperer," McArthur explains that the constant changes and evolution of the modern world is a good thing, yet amidst smartphones and artificial intelligences, he shows that there is still a place for old-fashioned common sense and wisdom. He connects ancient knowledge with breakthrough discoveries, emphasizing the universal qualities and strengths of humanity that can be harnessed to drive civilization and individuals alike forward.

With "The Human Mind, Dominion of Change" McArthur puts a spotlight on the human race's continued growth and evolution. He points out that humanity has grown accustomed to using the same thought patterns for centuries, depending on concepts such as religion or royalty and the leaders of the era's hierarchies. In this book, McArthur poses that humanity, as a people and as individuals amidst perpetual progress, need to stop using old ways of thinking and change, adapting new forms of perceiving the world and humans' place within it.

"My books take a deeper look into the world around us and explore how nature plays its part in our lives. They aren't your typical 'self-help' books, I've carefully written them to challenge the reader and help to explore their self-growth and discovery in a completely unique way." McArthur explains.

About the Author
Finlay McArthur is an NLP master practitioner, hypnotist, psychic, medium and commercial manager. He also volunteers with a disaster management company that deals with air crashes and terrorist attacks, as well as charities helping those with cancer and other terminal conditions.

Finlay McArthur
Finlay McArthur
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Finlay McArthur - author of The Human Mind, Dominion of Change