Matthew Keezer Talks about Guatemala – A Varied Natural Environment Haven

Matthew Keezer Visits Guatemala

Matthew Keezer Visits Guatemala

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, August 4, 2021 / -- Guatemala is one of those unusual vacation locations that offer a varied mixture that is designed to appeal to all types of tourists - both outdoor adventurers and cultural enthusiast. The colonial architecture, as well as its antique Mayan ruins, makes Guatemala one of hottest destinations in all of South America. Adventure seekers can visit active volcanoes and dense tropical forests while those who prefer fun in the sun have their choice of world-class beaches for their favorite water activities.

Travel expert, Matthew Keezer, notes that the smaller towns, located in the highlands, offer the traveller some unique cultural experiences. In addition, nature lovers will appreciate the mountain lakes and cloud forests to be found in some of the more remote regions. The Mayan ruins of Tikal lend a view of the area’s ancient heritage and present a fascinating look into a civilization that stretches back to a history that is sure to captivate those who love stories from ages gone by.

Matthew Keezer notes that if you’re looking for a more relaxed experience then lay back in a hammock on one of the beaches to be found along the coast. For shoppers, there are many different markets which offer local good that include brightly colored textiles that are only available a few days each week. When it comes to a more city-related environment, Antigua Guatemala features reasonably-priced hotels as well as restaurants that serve local dishes for you to try and enjoy.

Things to Do in Guatemala

Matthew Keezer suggests that you check out these things to do, while you’re in Guatemala:

• The Mayan Ruins of Tikal - Found in the northern jungle of Guatemala, these Mayan ruins were built around 600 BC to AD 900. This popular location for tourists features over 3,000 structures that include temples and pyramids with an additional acropolis. For over a thousand years, this was one of the most important Mayan areas for ancient urban development. Here, you’ll find the largest Mayan archeological site that still exists.

• The Chichicastenango Market – This market, known as a “Chichi” to the local population, is located in a town that is surrounded by mountains and valleys. On Thursdays and Sundays, the market is bustling with activity as the sellers offer vegetables, local wares and the textiles that make this location famous throughout the world.

Isolated Chichicastenango, known locally as "Chichi," is a large town surrounded by valleys and mountains. The sleepy cobblestone streets come alive on Thursdays and Sundays, as it hosts one of the largest and most hectic markets in Guatemala.

This is a locals' market, selling regular everyday goods, vegetables, and the distinctive textiles for which it is so famous. Vendors come from miles around for this market, making it a great opportunity for people watching and photography.

Matthew Keezer says that this is the time to begin finalizing plans for your next vacation. That’s because many of these choice vacation locations will be far more crowded in future months. Guatemala abounds with many different archeological attractions as well as having a rich and varied culture. This rare find features something for everyone – from beach-lovers to outdoor adventurers. This South American hotspot is sure to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the very near future! Of course, Matthew Keezer also highly suggests that you follow all of the COVID restrictions that you can find on government websites.

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