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HODL Gets Listed On Bitmart.Com and Decoin Listing To Closely Follow

/EIN News/ -- San Francisco, Aug. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cryptocurrency company HODL is proud to announce that they have just been listed on, and are about to be listed on the exchange. HODL allows users to accumulate wealth in an easy and straightforward manner by holding HODL tokens. More information about the service can be found at the following link:

Merijn Messemaeckers, a representative for HODL, says “When we created HODL, our goal was to provide a unified approach to easily making more money via cryptocurrency. We’re glad to say that not only have we achieved that, but we’ve also made enough of an impact to be listed on platforms like and is a globally integrated trading platform that provides diversified system functions including spot trading, futures contract trading, and over-the-counter trading. Its mission is to become the largest liquidity provider of digital assets in the world. BitMart has served over 5 million customers, has a support team available 24/7, and has an advanced risk control system that incorporates hybrid hot/cold wallets and multi-signature technologies. Users there can purchase cryptocurrencies with credit/debit cards and have access to over 500 cryptocurrencies. It is known as the first exchange on the market to integrate tokenomics for a frictionless yield coin so that users on the exchange can earn income on a coin just by holding. With HODL now launched on BitMart, it is now also the first exchange on the market to integrate the tokenomics of a cryptocurrency that has multiple income streams external to transaction taxes, and which can pay out in a secondary currency (BNB). is an exchange designed at its core by the crypto community for the crypto community. Its mission is to provide the most transparent and innovative Pro social Trading platform for its top traders, with maximum-security elements. has an easy-to-use interface, for novice users, and advanced trading features for industry veterans. This exchange is known to consistently have the highest trading volume for what is currently the biggest frictionless yield token in the industry. This makes it a compelling choice for HODL since the users on its platform have a high demand for income-providing cryptocurrency, and are already familiar with and excited about frictionless yield cryptocurrencies.

For HODL, being listed on and soon means that it is now able to reach out to a wider audience of investors and users of its platform, and is strategically positioning itself to be available to the parts of the market that have the highest demand for it. HODL has a lot of features and functionalities that make it a perfect choice for anyone who wants an easy way to grow their wealth. Primarily, users can achieve this simply by holding HODL tokens in their wallets and earning the native token paid out directly and automatically to their wallets continually. In addition, users of the HODL platform also earn daily rewards. 4% of every transaction is taken and redistributed to all HODL holders, allowing users to easily earn by holding the HODL token and claiming their daily rewards in the form of a secondary mainstream cryptocurrency, BNB. In fact, HODL also allows users to reinvest their daily rewards back into the HODL at the click of a button in order to easily compound their earnings.

HODL uses two-way auto-triggered buy-back mechanisms to ensure sustainable growth of price and volume. The buy-backs are triggered by eligible Sell Transactions and Re-invest call functions. HODL’s use of Fibonacci pools makes the reward pool more sustainable. The amount of reward distribution will increase with improving market cap and will be sustained in case of volume decrease at any given time, thereby making it sustainable for the long term.

There is also a reward and reinvestment percentage selection that can automatically reinvest the claimed rewards into both HODL and BNB in any proportion preferred by the individual. There is no transaction fee when claiming as 100% BNB, nor is there a transaction tax when a user reinvests, making it a useful and lucrative way to further compound one’s earnings. Further, HODL has an Automatic Liquidity Pool, with 2% of every transaction contributed toward continually generating further liquidity on Pancake Swap, benefitting long-term HODL holders. On top of that, there is an RFI static reward; 2% of every transaction is taken and re-distributed to all HODL holders. The burn address is also a holder — thus each transaction helps deflate the supply by the RFI also reflecting the burn address.

One of the innovations of HODL that sets it apart currently from all other frictionless yield tokens on the market is that it is the first to implement an exchange tax. For each exchange that HODL lists on, it is integrating into part of the transaction taxes on that exchange what it refers to as a “mothership” tax, wherein a % of all transactions on that exchange is taxed and paid out to a central reward pool on the HODL platform off of the exchange. This means that for every new exchange that HODL lists on, it creates an additional income stream to its central, “mothership” reward pool where users of the HODL platform can claim daily income from its decentralized app (dApp).

HODL has also been carefully designed with an anti-whale mechanism and other security features to support price stability. HODL assures that transactions that trade more than 0.1% of the total supply will be rejected, and ‘whales’ who make a transfer (between 2 wallets) that is larger than 0.1% of the total supply will be charged 1BNB, which will be donated to charities. As far as security goes, all initial liquidity provided will be locked with Unicrypt. The contract is Trustless for the HODL community. The company assures that they will release the audit reports shortly as they are in progress.

HODL is currently working on furthering its partnerships with more listing sites like Nomics, Blockfolio, and further exchanges. In the future, they are also planning on launching an NFT marketplace, sharing charts and analytics, and eventually performing gamification of the system so that users can utilize and earn more Tokens by competing with others and betting or predicting crypto prices.

Those who want to trade USDT for HODL or simply want to learn more about HODL and its services are welcome to visit the company's website for more information. They encourage interested parties to get in touch with Merijn Messemaeckers directly via email or phone or check out the HODL LinkedIn page. HODL maintains a presence on Twitter, Telegram, and Facebook where they frequently post updates, share media, and communicate with their users and community.


For more information about HODL, contact the company here:

Merijn Messemaeckers
1460 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Merijn Messemaeckers