Introducing Catch: The Game-Changing New Website for Artists to Create Online Ticketed Events is changing the face of the industry, giving artists the opportunity to create online events, sell tickets and connect with fans.

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2021 / -- Catch is pleased to announce its exciting new platform that allows artists and creators to set up online events and share event pages with their fans on social media to sell tickets. The website already has over 1,000 artists on its platform and has streamed more than 10,000 minutes of video in high definition.
The popular new site has seen artist-fan engagement skyrocket by four times compared to other platforms. Fans enjoy the ease with which they can buy tickets without any annoying sign-ups, and nearly 80% of the live performances have been watched. Additionally, many fans have commented on how much they enjoyed the closed-event format.

"Catch was designed for indie, mainstream and all type of creators,” says company founder Subhash Daga. “We are extremely pleased with the response and how our seamless user interface has improved online concerts and events. It’s a completely re-imagined experience for fans!”

Catch artists can set up easily within minutes. When it's time to go live, they can use the Catch mobile app (available on iOS and Android) to effortlessly broadcast and live stream their performance in 4K high definition from their phone. After the live stream event, artists are paid 100% of the ticket sales - a dramatic change to how artists traditionally earn revenue for their contents and performances. What’s more, artists continue to earn money as the live video transitions to video on demand.

"Our artists have earned over $5,000 in a single event and keep all of that revenue,” adds Subhash. “We've had singers, rappers, comedians, DJs and more. Also, artists can choose the number of tickets available per event, thus allowing for a more intimate, engaged and richer experience with their fans if they prefer.”

Another cool and often-used feature is ‘pre-recorded live,’ where artists record their performance ahead of time and allow Catch to stream it live. This has proven to be a great option for artists with less reliable internet or for artists who prefer watching with the fans.

Also, fans can engage with artists with chat, send emojis/reactions, buy merchandize and follow artists on Catch and social platforms.

Some of the most recent artists to sign up with Catch include award-winning singer Scotty Grand and Horsepowar, both of whom have loved the experience.

“We often hear from our artists and fans say ‘this is the future,’ as more and more live event performances shift online,” concludes Subhash.
For more information or a partnership, please contact Subhash Daga at or via phone at 669-222-1346.

About the Company

Founded in 2021 and based out of Cupertino, California, Catchlive Inc. has created a website that allows artists and creators to set up online events and share event pages with their fans on social media to sell tickets. The platform has been growing steadily month over month in partnership with music labels, event promoters and directly with artists and creators, and is poised to become the next, and perhaps most important, content and music distribution service.

Subhash Daga
Catchlive Inc.