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Brian M. Stovsky's Passion for Cancer Cure

Brian Stovsky's Passion for Cancer Cure - VeloSano

CLEVELAND, OH, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 / -- People are regularly told to follow their passion for a career as it tends to help folks succeed versus just work at a job. However, when a passion involves helping others in need, it doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with only career work and a job. Brian M. Stovsky knows that personally, as he and his family have been supporting the VeloSano Bike Race event since its start.

Efforts Involve More Than Just Bike Racing

Brian Stovsky’s passion for VelaSano isn’t about professional road bikes per se. The race is a regular event dedicated to raising funds for cancer research. Aside from keeping participants fit and giving folks an additional outdoor activity to engage in every year, the program generates millions of dollars for cancer research nationwide, with different events occurring regionally. Brian Stovsky has regularly participated in the race, practically becoming a regular name even in 2020 when it was postponed due to the COVID pandemic.

The Cleveland Clinic System

Per Brian Stovsky, the Velosano Bike Race has been consistently dedicated to helping fund cancer research activities at the Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center. Multiple races occur, but the big one Brian Stovsky and family have always enjoyed has been the Bike to Cure, a big weekend bike race blowout locally. Interestingly, the race is not about winning a competition. As Brian Stovsky can attest, the goal of the event is more about participation, raising cancer research and cancer condition awareness, and fundraising. Every rider commits to a route running from 10 to as much as 100 miles. The riders are responsible to help raise money per how many miles they ride, and that money then goes straight to research the following year in the form of grants. From Brian Stovsky and the Velasano records, so far the bike race has generated over $24 million for cancer research.

A Massive Reach Via Just a Bike Race

With hundreds of folks like Brian Stovsky helping every year, the Cleveland Clinic has been able to support the work of well over 450 different medical professionals in the fight against cancer. Thousands of people have been treated by the Clinic, as well with practical applications developed through the same research. Organized with 26 other clinics nationally, the work financially helped by people like Brian Stovsky continues to produce successful clinical trials as well as treatment breakthroughs not seen just five years ago.

A Rare & Unique Funding Approach

Brian Stovsky has no problem continuing to support the VeloSano Bike Race events and related fund-raising. The entire effort moves 100 percent of fundraising into cancer research with nothing going towards administration or side efforts unrelated to the primary purpose, making it unique and rare among charity operations that typically remove a cut for bureaucracy costs. In that regard, Brian Stovsky and others know every dollar raised on a bike is going directly to helping someone with cancer and making a real difference health-wise.

As noted earlier, sometimes passions don’t need to be career-related. Brian Stovsky found his with VeloSano.

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