Ketonika Releases Instant Butter Coffee for the Fast Growing Low Carb Market

Butter coffee looks and tastes like a regular latte.

Keto coffee is also popular with coconut milk.

After having one it kept me full for ages and I felt more focused and not tired at work. I have ordered another box.”
— Lisa F., Ketonika Customer
HORSHAM, SUSSEX, UK, August 3, 2021 / -- Ketonika, a British company based near Horsham Sussex, is causing a stir in the UK's fast-growing Keto market with the release of their instant butter coffees. Joining a growing number of brands that see the growth potential of Keto in the UK. For some people, butter in coffee sounds rather extreme. But, the fact is, butter is used more in tea and coffee worldwide than milk. Butter is pretty much cream after all. With the new product from Ketonika, not only does the product carry the benefits of a Keto coffee, but they are also supplemented with either Hydrolysed Marine Collagen or Branch-Chained Amino Acids (BCAAs) for an extra boost.

The Keto Connection

The Keto market has become increasingly popular since the pandemic, with many people trying to find ways to shed their excess lockdown pounds. Low-carb food and drink is the fastest growing trend in the UK.

What do they taste like?

Ketonika’s customers are amazed at the creaminess of the coffees, giving them 5-star reviews. Imagine a latte, but with a punch.

Happy customer, Lisa F., said, “I bought these to try and help me with Keto. I will be honest in saying I really did not think I would like them. This is because I absolutely despise butter with a passion! When I got them I tried one and it was amazing!! They are creamy and like a latte! After having one it kept me full for ages and I felt more focused and not tired at work. I have ordered another box.”

The Collagen

With 4000mg of marine collagen, Ketonika’s Collagen Coffee is proving a hit for the beauty and skincare market.


With 4000mg of BCAAs Ketonika’s BCAA coffee makes an excellent pre-or post-workout drink.

So what’s there not to like? Coffee that keeps users feeling full between meals, gives a real kickstart in the morning, and is said to help the look of skin. If only it could do the ironing as well!

Ketonika products can be ordered online at and will soon be available at health stores.

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