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Introducing the Revolutionary Mind Mapping App Inclr

US & UK, July 29, 2021 / -- Inclr, is a revolutionary mind mapping platform built by an architect, which helps people organize their thoughts and ideas. The app is designed to liberate the way people shape, express, store, link and present their work. Inclr takes a multi-faceted approach that offers efficient organization across devices, whether the user is creating, centralizing, or accessing their personal information.

The Influence of Architecture in Modern Mind Mapping
Singular data points in lists and grids are structured in such a way that they become boring and lead to information overload. This is because data is typically structured in a way that it is without form or emotive logic. Inclr takes an alternative approach. “Circles are an interesting shape. Single dimensional in that it's defined by a point and a radius. Architecturally they are difficult inclosures, but... what if I put life into it?” Ken Chan, founder and mastermind behind Inclr, revealed. He continued: “And when I meant ‘life’, I meant everything made up of life: information, space, feeling, freedom. If everything was bundled into interactive packages, it would represent life better than what we currently have - singular data points with a search engine.”

Inclr is a tool that allows thought organization in a visual manner. The idea behind this is to provide the brain with a visual visceral method to store information. Inclr allows users to creatively depict a visual network that evolves into a connected spatial cyberspace. It’s a concept that has long been explored in anime. Ken Chan explains: “Ghost in the Shell, a long time favourite anime of mine, depicts a visual network, an eventual evolution of the internet into a spatial cyberspace. What I propose is a version of our digital world that is emotive and made sense through intuition, graphics, space and muscle memory. Not a cyberspace that is run by ads and clicks but powered by personal insight.”

The Inclr Way
Information Clusters or ‘inclrs’ allow users to build visualized mental models based on their line of thinking. These models are flexible, customizable, and unique. Besides mind mappers, Inclr can be used by researchers, students, teachers, entrepreneurs and anyone wanting to keep track of their personal and work projects. Inclr is suitable for people working on multiple projects and for those that are creating a deep database for large projects.

Visual structure and the ability to organize everything make this a versatile mapping and knowledge management tool. Inclr’s powerful visual structure is ideal for visual learners, and is designed to help with data cognition and knowledge retention. It allows the presentation of content to audiences with impressive slideshows that can interactively move between inclrs.

There are several ways to structure the database, including the simple List View suitable for smaller databases, the Mind Map view where groups are clustered by topic, and a World View for those wanting to present inclrs at different locations around the world. Inclr is pushing the boundaries with the 3D mind mapping feature and AR View allowing users to spatially map out their data.

Designed to incorporate a series of smaller apps, the user has access to everything in one place instead of needing to switch from one app to another as they work. Sessions can be saved, making it effortless to return to them later. The software is patented in the U.S, has syncing features, and runs on both iOS and macOS.

Inclr has endless possibilities, and users can add static data like tasks, photos, notes and documents, or dynamic data like web and map browser sessions, calendar, RSS, podcasts, and shortcuts. The app cost as little as $3.49 a month for unlimited usage, updates, and support.

As one reviewer puts it: “This app is brilliant! I can finally store all my files in the same place and I'm free to visualize as I prefer. Inclr literally gives you the freedom to store any data format and at the same time customize everything at will!”

Connecting With the Future
Information overload is a phenomenon that is partly due to the way data is rigidly structured. When presented with better visual structure and form, data becomes more memorable and provides more effective stimuli for longer term memory cues. This is why Ken Chan created Inclr as a designed form of data. “It’s a design ethos baked throughout the system. We went a step further and added spatial data,” the founder explained, “Why? It’s the first steps to creating a more beautiful vision for the cyberspace of tomorrow.”

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