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The World Scholarship Foundation is Committed to Securing the Future Of Education Through Blockchain Technology

World Scholarship Foundation

World Scholarship Foundation

World Scholarship Foundation

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 28, 2021 / -- Today, the President and CEO of the charity organization World Scholarship Foundation, Nicholas Dorion, announces the official launch of the foundation’s charitable operations. The foundation plans to provide support for students by offering scholarships via a revolutionized model powered by blockchain technology.

This initiative paves the way as the first official charitable cryptocurrency project. It is an opportunity to demonstrate real case usage of blockchain technology to leverage social development and wealth. The foundation aims to demonstrate the true benefits of cryptocurrencies for society by tackling the issues which revolve around access to proper education, an area that needs strong support across the world.

This scholarship model includes two streams of blockchain technologies: the main cryptocurrency, Scholarship Coin (SCHO), and the second one, which is a stable valued token version of SCHO. The main coin SCHO is a decentralized minable coin just like Bitcoin. The World Scholarship Foundation will participate in the mining operations to build its treasury which will serve as a reserve that will be used to manage the supply of the stable token to ensure it maintains a value of 1$ (USD or CAD) per token. The minted stable tokens will be utilized to reward students based on their academic performance through the World Scholarship Foundation Reward platform.

The main coin SCHO was launched in February 2021 and is and available for mining. It is also currently listed on two cryptocurrency exchanges; and View the Scholarship Coin price via CoinMarketCap.

At this current stage, the reward platform and stable coin is being developed and planned to be ready for a pilot with a Canadian institution by January 2022.

The foundation is planning on making its scholarship platform available to all recognized education institutions across the world by starting to have it integrated into the North American education systems first.

This project is a bridge to better days, a bridge towards the future, and a bridge towards accessible and remunerated education for all.

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“The foundation of society starts with education. It is a fundamental basis to accessible and infinite wealth, and therefore, it is crucial to have a support system that can levitate and promote it by remunerating all students for their scholar performance, whether they have difficulties or not. This will allow lower social classes to undertake an educational path versus other realms of low income opportunities that are presented to them during their childhood as education will offer them a sustainable source of income.”
Nicholas Dorion – President & CEO – World Scholarship Foundation

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Nicholas Dorion, President & CEO
World Scholarship Foundation