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/EIN News/ -- Lyon, France, July 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Monecar offers a new secure and instant payment solution to protect against scams when paying for a used car.

Monecar is the alternative to a cashier's check for secure payment between individuals.

Finally, there is an alternative to the cashier's check to buy and sell a used car, and this alternative is called Monecar! This is an application that allows you to send and receive funds for the purchase and sale of a used vehicle securely, quickly and at low cost. We looked at this new payment method offered by a French FinTech in partnership with BNP Paribas.

The Monecar startup was born in 2017. Its two co-founders, Aurore Guy and Thomas Lebreton, wanted to develop an alternative to the cashier's check for people who sell or buy a used car. The cashier's check is according to them an outdated and too unreliable means of payment since it can be falsified and the risk of fraud cannot be avoided 100%. In addition, once issued, the amount of the cashier's check can no longer be changed, which does not leave the possibility for the buyer to negotiate one last time the price of the used vehicle that he is about to buy.

With the Fintech Monecar, the two entrepreneurs achieved their objective since they developed a reliable, secure, simple and inexpensive payment application. Original and innovative, this application has already attracted large companies, it is indeed supported by HSBC and LCL.

With Monecar, all you need to pay for a used car or to raise funds for a sale is a smartphone. Payment via this app takes place in several stages, for each of them the priority is safety.

1st step: Once the accounts of the two people have been validated (their identity must have been verified by the fintech team for this), the buyer enters the seller's phone number and the amount on the Monecar application. that he wishes to transfer to him. To verify that the number indicated is the correct one, the seller receives a confidential code from the startup which he transmits to the buyer.

2nd step: The buyer enters this confidential code on his smartphone and then confirms the sending of funds, again by using a secret code. The purchase process is initiated, the buyer's bank then sends the funds to their Monecar account.

3rd step: When the seller hands over the used car to the buyer, the latter concludes the transaction by entering a confidential code. The money is then transferred from the buyer's Monecar account to the seller's Monecar account who only has to repatriate these funds to his bank account.

In our opinion, Monecar has many advantages for both parties: No need to go to a banking establishment to issue or cash a cashier's check, a payment manageable from your smartphone, a relatively quick delay (between 1 and 24 hours to check identities, between 4 and 48 hours during working days for the funds to be made available on the buyer's Monecar account, 1 minute to transfer the money to the seller). Customer service attentive 7 days a week.

Advantages for the seller: Unlike a cashier's check, once the sale is validated, the money can no longer be collected by the buyer. It is a reliable application that checks the identity of both parties, which greatly reduces the risk of fraud.

Advantages for the buyer: The Monecar service is free for the buyer. The payment amount can be changed until the last moment. The buyer can therefore attempt to negotiate the purchase price until the seller hands over the vehicle to him.

In our opinion Monecar is an excellent solution if you want to buy or sell a used car in the best conditions, without being consumed by the stress of the risk of scams. We can even imagine that Fintech Monecar will develop its services to other types of purchases in the future!



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