Matthew Keezer Talks about Batumi, Georgia – the Las Vegas of the Black Sea

Matthew Keezer visits Georgia

Matthew Keezer visits Georgia

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, July 21, 2021 / -- Batumi, Georgia is a fascinating mix of vibrant landscapes and world-renowned hospitality with a wide spectrum of historic to modern-day attractions. This highly entertaining location is also known for being one of the safest tourist destinations in all of Europe when it comes to visitor health and security.

Travel expert Matthew Keezer wants to point out that Georgia has been credited for being the European country that took proactive health measures, which quickly stemmed the original tide of the COVID epidemic. This allowed the country to have a COVID-19 rate that was 260 times less than other European countries! With a crime rate that is five times lower than most European capitals, Georgia not only provides many wonderful tourist attractions, but also a much-appreciated sense of security, as well.

However, in addition to health and security issues, the things that keep tourists coming back to this vacation hotspot have to do with its exciting and vibrant culture that is populated by locals who pride themselves on the incredible level of hospitality that is provided to each vacationer. Matthew Keezer also notes that in Batumi, there is a wonderfully diverse atmosphere that comes from a combination of ecotourism (with a gorgeous botanical gardens) to a bar and club night life made for the adventurous.

The things to see and do create an extensive list which includes; beautiful lakes, cultural sites, lengthy beaches, world-class cuisine, authentic old-time villages and the opportunity to taste superior local wines. Hint – The most pleasant time of year to visit is in the autumn (September and October).

Things to Do in Batumi, Georgia

Matthew Keezer suggests that you check out these things to do, while you’re in Batumi, Georgia:

∙The Alphabetic Tower – While there are a number of tall buildings in Batumi, you will definitely want to see the Alphabetic Tower. This building is considered a major city landmark and projects a unique design that is patterned after a strand of DNA. The depiction of the DNA strand shows the 33 letters of the Georgian alphabet, with each one of the letters composed of aluminum and standing 13.1 feet tall. You’ll enjoy a panoramic view by taking the elevator to the top of the 426.5 ft. tower and, in addition, have an exquisite meal in its revolving restaurant.

∙Piazza Square – while strolling through this scenic location, you will find; cafés, boutique hotels and architecture designed by Georgian architect Vazha Orbeladze

∙Batuni/Adjara Beaches – The beaches in Batumi provide a wonderful opportunity to enjoy all the ocean-related activities that you would expect from a world-class resort. From swimming, relaxation on the sand to boating, you’ll find it all here.

Of course, Matthew Keezer would also like to remind visitors to the Azores that they should follow any COVID restrictions, which are currently in place, by looking up local government websites.

Are you bored with being stuck in the same location and looking at the same scenery over and over again in your local region? Have you been eagerly anticipating your next travel opportunity? Well, now is the time to get ready for that long-awaited vacation by making travel arrangements that will transport you to a new and exciting part of the world! Matthew Keezer suggests that you start by making those arrangements as soon as possible so you can avoid the tourist rush, which is sure to come in the near future.

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