SenseMother Acquires Flatout Technologies Announces Goal of Developing Better Smart Home Solutions

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, July 19, 2021 / -- As customers become more and more sophisticated with innovative home solutions, the market has come to a point where brands like SenseMother, a US-based company providing smart home solutions, are intensifying efforts to achieve industry dominance.

There has been a lot of great products developed over the past few years in this space. As a company, SenseMother's goal was to differentiate uses by focusing on what they do best, being technology agnostic, and focusing on the essentials without adding complexity where it isn't needed.

Today, SenseMother is pleased to announce an agreement has been reached to acquire Flatout Technologies for an undisclosed amount. SenseMother’s acquisition of Flatout Technologies further strengthens SenseMother’s position in the IoT market, broaden its business platform to deliver high-quality products and services to SenseMother's customers, and will result in greater efficiencies.

Right now, the market for smart home security solutions is dominated by a few prominent players with more in common than protecting customers’ homes. However, SenseMother’s acquisition of Flatout Technologies is a brand new way to protect everything of value by offering a simple, effective, and affordable platform.

The “Internet of Things” is currently one of the fastest-growing and hottest technological areas, and many companies would love to enter it as soon as possible. As Telcos, Utilities, and Retailers need a single point of contact that can provide them with a future-proof Smart Home solution, Flatout Technologies offers these companies an end-to-end solution based on an open, cloud-based platform FlatCloud.

Now in the hands of SenseMother, the Flatout Technologies platform will be used to serve the growing number of US customers with the best out of modern Smart Devices, including TV and Streaming. For further inquiries, send an email to or visit the company’s website.

About SenseMother

Founded by Sulekha Dhar, SenseMother aims to help customers and users make the best out of modern Smart Devices, Smart Home Devices including Smart TV and Streaming. In addition, the company hopes to fix end users' problems, and one of the ways it does that is by publishing troubleshooting guides on its SenseMother official website.

About Flatout Technologies

Flatout Technologies is a web-based technology platform that offers Smart Home Utilities, Telcos and Retailers an end-to-end solution based on its FlatCloud platform. The platform allows Flatout Technologies to provide a single point of contact to create a future-proof Smart Home solution.

Sulekha Dhar