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Foundational Health Home Care Champions Independence For The Seniors of Salem and Nearby Areas of Massachusetts

Foundational Health Home Care

Foundational Health Home Care

Foundational Health Home Care

Foundational Health Home Care

Foundational Health Home Care

Foundational Health Home Care

For seniors who need a few hours of care per week or more in home care assistance, they can use Foundational Health Home Care for their non-medical care needs.

SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2021 / -- According to the census, approximately 10,000 members of the Baby Boomer generation are turning 65 every day. This is leading to an increased need for at-home assistance with non-medical needs. Home care is a much-needed bridge that closes the gaps between seniors that are needing some care assistance but may not have the personal or financial resources to relocate to senior living, and seniors that wish to age in place. Foundational Health Home Care is a solution entering the home care industry ready to care for the seniors in Salem and the surrounding areas.

Massachusetts family members provide 11.6 billion dollars in unpaid care work according to research from AARP. Foundational Health Home Care wants to give Baystaters their lives back. Unpaid caregiving work puts a heavy financial and health strain on family members and creates a distance between their aging relative and the familial role that they serve in their lives. Home care is designed to allow sons to be sons, and daughters to be daughters again. Husbands can be husbands to their wives again.

Senior in-home care is not only designed to take care of the seniors’ own needs. Oftentimes, framing the care as a respite for family members is the only effective way of getting seniors to accept the care that they need, despite the denial of the need for care.

Primary caregivers who are burnt out as well as older adults can benefit from in-home care assistance. It’s helpful for seniors transitioning home from rehab after a fall, and those who need daily assistance in the completion of their activities of daily living or ADLs. These include everyday tasks like bathing, dressing, toileting, continence, transferring, and eating.

Many seniors or their adult children may begin their search for personal in-home care services in a moment of crisis, whether it’s upon discharge from the hospital or looking for a solution after a terrible fall. That is where home care can come in, however, as a preventative measure, the care can start earlier. Foundational Health Home Care’s founding philosophy is “prevention is key.”

Salem home care does not have to begin after a health scare. In fact, care can begin more smoothly when there isn’t an immediate need for someone to intervene and mediate the situation. The luxury of time to smoothly and swiftly transition into the process of starting care makes things easier on the family and the senior needing care. By developing the rapport earlier on, seniors will be more receptive to having a caregiver assisting them with their personal care needs. Foundational Health Home Care can arrange for a caregiver visit before care starts, and ensure that there is an in-person synergy to begin care in full gear.

Rehab centers and local hospitals do have well-trained and skilled staff on an in-patient level. However, patients prefer to recover at home. Some seniors may require the assistance of their adult children or grandchildren to fill in gaps in care needs. For many, they do not have the skills, time, or financial means to take care of their aging loved ones. This often leads to the search for home care. This is where Foundational Health Home Care in Salem is able to step in and lend a hand.

They have trained caregivers and certified nursing assistants or CNAs, who are prepared to step in as an auxiliary family member to assist in non-medical care needs. Tasks can range from getting the mail, picking up prescriptions, medication reminders, to bed baths, repositioning, and Hoyer lift transfers. Their focus is on capabilities, rather than disabilities.

As a home care agency, Foundational Health is dedicated to making quality caregiver and client matches. They have a detailed and thorough compatibility-matching component to their scheduling operations that promote client and caregiver satisfaction. They are not an agency that will use a warm body to fill a shift. Instead, their focus is on creating client schedules with care needs in mind and coordinating those with the skills, availability, and personality of a caregiver.

The caregivers that they send are not only interested in helping their clients with their immediate health concerns, but to use a holistic and comprehensive client care philosophy that better mirrors the value-based purchasing model that CMS is pushing across the healthcare spectrum.

Foundational Health Home Care believes in the necessity for independence. For clients of all ranges of ability, their capabilities are a part of the process too. Caregivers can assist in tasks like getting the mail, or running to the grocery store for a gallon of milk - but the magic of home care is when clients go from “I can’t” to “I have.” The seniors of Salem have a care option that wants them to accomplish their bucket list.

Their caregivers are ready to add “genie” to their resumes. The seniors of Salem have goals that they want to accomplish, and by enlisting the help of Foundational Health Home Care, they will receive quality care that addresses their care needs and beyond.

FHHC is unique in positioning that it serves the needs of the whole client, focusing on the seven dimensions of health and wellness. Those include emotional, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, social, occupational, and physical dimensions. Their caregivers are trained to report on changes in condition and observe for adverse reactions to new medications for the seniors of Salem and the surrounding Massachusetts cities.

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Foundational Health Home Care

We help the seniors of Salem, MA to live independent, happy, and fulfilling lives. We care for them at home, where they feel most comfortable with continually trained and professional caregivers.

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