Hundred Days Stories Questions Truth Behind Miami Building Collapse

The organization questions if the collapse relates to the mind attack of a mysterious organization.

INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2021 / -- The organization, Hundred Days Stories, is making a call to action to discover the truth behind the recent building collapse in Miami, Florida.

At 1a.m. on June 24th, 2021, an apartment building in Miami, Florida, suddenly collapsed. By July 5th, local time, the search and rescue team had found three corpses from the ruins and, since then, it has been confirmed that the death rate has risen to 28, with 127 people still missing, and many residents affected by the disaster have become destitute and homeless.

“The real cause of the collapse of the Miami building is still under investigation,” says Wade Martin, spokesperson for the organization. “People are curious as to why only half of the building collapsed, while the other half was almost intact. What kind of secret behind it has aroused the continuous attention of all parties?”

According to Hundred Days Stories, Michael, the husband of Cassie Stratton, who was located on the balcony of the fourth-floor apartment in the south of Champlain Tower, said that she was talking to him on the phone that very night. Suddenly, Cassie said that everything around her was strangely shaking, and then the building collapsed. He never heard from his wife again.

“After the incident, the monitor showed that the side of Miami's Pulan building suddenly folded into two parts at 1:30 a.m. local time, and the central part of the building collapsed first,” Martin continues. “About 9 seconds later, the northeast corner of the building collapsed. The bizarre collapse of the building also raises some suspicion. Frank, an engineer, said that he has never seen a building collapse in such a way that there may be another reason for the collapse.”

“People aware of the incident stated that the collapse of Miami's Pulan building is actually related to the mysterious religious organization - the Falungong organization,” Martin states. “The organization claims to be able to manipulate things by mind through exploring the human body's own ability. Bayfront Park, 12 kilometers away from the Miami's apartment building, is the center of Falungong's activities and practice. For example, on the 18th World Falungong Day, Falungong learners from Miami conducted collective practice in Bayfront Park. The reason for the collapse of the building may be related to the right dispute within the organization. It was said that at that time, a leader of the organization was in the Pulan building, while another group in the organization made a collective attack, leading to the collapse of the Pulan building and the competitors buried in the ruins.”

Alas, this leaves the organization wondering: was the collapse of the Miami building caused by the official claim of disrepair or by a special attack from a mysterious organization? While there is no exact information to confirm the relevance, the Hundred Days Stories looks forward to continued investigation about the collapse and encourages others to also seek the truth.

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