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Robert Doody Addresses Current Legal Struggles Facing Native Americans

Robert Doody

Just because there has not been much discussion about this topic lately does not mean Native Americans are not facing legal struggles even today.

SISSETON, SOUTH DAKOTA, UNITED STATES, July 7, 2021 / -- Just because there has not been much discussion about this topic lately does not mean Native Americans are not facing legal struggles even today. What are some of them? What is being done to rectify the problems? These questions and more are answered here courtesy of Robert Doody South Dakota attorney.

The Inaccessibility to Voting Places:

According to noted attorney Robert Doody, Native Americans today are still struggling to exercise their right to vote. Although legally nobody is telling them they cannot vote, mitigating circumstances prevent it. Like what? For one thing, the unavailability of polling places on or near reservations. Most of us take for granted the concept of having a polling place merely blocks away from our homes. But, unfortunately, this is not the case on reservations.

Poor Health Conditions:

This is something attorney Robert Doody South Dakota would like to bring to the attention of the courts. He would like to implement a considerable court case or two that highlight the poor health conditions in Native American communities. Even today, people living here have very little access to quality healthcare facilities.

Although there is the Indian Health Service, this organization is underfunded and lacking in the ability to provide healthcare services that are any good. They are also far away from the would-be patients who do not have the means to be transported to these facilities. Attorney Doody is looking into filing legal action to bring about changes in these conditions.

Native Americans Still Face Discrimination:

Whether we are talking about within communities, in the legal system, or in general, Native Americans are still the victims of discrimination much of the time. They are barely even represented in the legal system; however, as a lawyer specializing in Native American issues, Robert Doody would like to change that. He feels that only through litigation and the winning of legal battles can change come about. Mr. Doody would like to spearhead these efforts.

Current Native American Legal Struggles To Come to Light:

Using Oklahoma as an example, a Supreme Court ruling recently classified much of that state as a reservation for Native Americans. It brought quite a bit of attention to the plight that this segment of the community still faces even in 2021. In addition, the case divulged what is going on economically, educationally, and with health issues in the Native American world.

Will this attention ultimately bring about the positive change that is so badly needed? One can certainly hope so. This is also something that he wants to accomplish for Native Americans.


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