Traveling As A Couple 15 Tips For A Beautiful Vacation in 2021

Traveling with your partner for the first or tenth time? Follow these tips to ensure you have a smooth trip!

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2021 / -- Traveling with your partner is very exciting and romantic. You get to smooch in different locations. Make hilarious memories. Or bond over something as simple as a midnight walk! But, let’s not forget that it is not all rosy and fun from the first day till the end. In fact, traveling with a romantic partner is more stressful – pretty ironic for something that is supposed to make you feel good and relaxed. You are always worried if you are doing things right or making them happy. And don’t forget the silly arguments or different opinions on packing, accommodation, and food. The list is pretty endless!

Luckily for you, we know these clashes are bound to happen, and we can help you avoid them. So, to ensure you don’t kill your relationship before the trip is over… or at least save you from going to jail for murder in a foreign land, here are 15 tips to help you.

---Lower Your Expectations:
Let’s face it – every day is not going to be full of kisses, wines, food, sunshine, and orgasms. Some days will be full of travel stress, hunger, overwhelming emotions, and anger. You might even feel like going days without talking to your partner because of something they did. That emotion is normal and does not mean that your relationship is in troubled waters. It means that you have to take some time off and cool down. Then come back and sort out issues with your partner. Just have lower expectations so that when things don’t work out fine, you won't be stressed out.

---Not Everything Will Be Romantic:
Forget those glossy smiles every couple sharing pictures of their romantic getaway have. The truth is – not everything will be romantic during your vacation. Having a partner that snores or having to clean up after them because they had too much to drink is not romantic at all. Even places that looked beautiful in pictures might disappoint you. But, that does not mean you should pack your bags and end the vacation. Instead, create humor out of every bad situation and forge ahead.

---Divide Responsibilities According To Individual Strengths:
Instead of worrying about who does what for each trip, why not divide responsibilities according to individual strengths! If you are good with locating good places that offer discounts or good food, take that responsibility. If your partner is good with maps or calculating expenses, let them handle the budget and location work. Using this divide-and-conquer strategy reduces arguments and makes travel easy.

---Sort Out Money Issues Before The Trip
Before you hop on that plane and fly away, we suggest you create a budget and divide expenses in a way that makes sense. Will you be splitting payments 50/50 or 60/40 (if one partner earns more)? Or will you take turns in paying for stuff? Or does one person handle food, while the other handles accommodation or transport?

Whatever payment method you choose, ensure you both follow it religiously. This will eliminate money issues and allow you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

---Push Each Other Out Of The Comfort Zone:
Your holiday is incomplete if you don’t try out new things. So, go out and motivate your partner to try out new things. Also, if you and your partner have different traveling styles, you both should explore and experience them.

---Allow Some Alone Time:
Breaking news: Just because it is a romantic couple trip does not mean you have to stay glued to each other at all. Give your partner a break! Allow them to explore and do other things alone while you enjoy other activities.
Most times, staying together can feel restricting – so, go out and see places while your partner does other things or just chills in the hotel room.

---Don’t Play The Blame Game:
Somebody is going to mess things up, and things will go south. Your partner might lose the museum tickets or forget to turn off the bathroom tap. These things are bound to happen on every trip. Get angry if you wish but make sure you cool down and drop the issue. There is no point bringing it up to prove a point or make your partner feel bad. Don’t play the blame game. Also, learn how to forgive and forget easily and quickly.

---You Might Have Sex All The Time:
Yeah, we know that you think a vacation means lots of sex – that’s not true! Forget what you read in books or watch on television, sex does not always happen during a romantic getaway. You might come back from exploring the city, and the only thing on your mind is the bed, not sex. Yes, sex will happen but not always.

---Be Honest:
Don’t hide your feelings because you don’t want to ruin your vacation. If anything, hoarding feelings can lead to bigger explosions that can completely spoil your vacation! So, if something is bugging you or you don’t feel okay with how things are going, politely tell your partner. It might be awkward at first, but your partner will appreciate your honesty.

---Review Your Daily Plans Together:
We know you already planned an elaborate itinerary and want to follow it till the end – but it is safer to review your daily plan together before stepping out of the room. Plans can change, and you might want to add or take out certain items from your itinerary. Reviewing your plans takes away any nasty surprises and helps you have the perfect trip.

---Be Willing To Do Things Your Partner Suggests:
Be willing to do things your partner suggests, even if you don’t like them. That is because the person suggesting that idea is keen on doing it, and what better way to show your support than to join them. This tip helps you avoid arguments and saves time. You might even end up having fun when you try out their suggestions. Never say never!

---Accommodate Your Differences:
You and your partner are two different people, so respecting their habits and interests is a good way to avoid friction. For instance, you might be a museum buff, and your partner is not. Or maybe your partner is an early riser, and you love to sleep till mid-morning or noon. You have to create a schedule that fits your different personalities. Learn how to accommodate your individual differences, and your trip will go smoothly.

---Go With The Essentials:
Dead phones, thirst, and hunger are all ingredients for silly arguments. So, take a little precaution and pack essentials like snacks, phone charger, power banks, and water – you might need them sooner than you think.

---Plan To Do Things You Both Love:
While planning your trip, including activities you both love to do for fun is the best thing to do. You and your partner are two different people with different interests, so ensure some activities cater to your individual needs. Including what you both love will reduce arguments and compromise.

---Don’t Ignore Red Flags:
This tip is mainly for first-time couple travelers. While enjoying yourself, don’t forget to look out for any red flag that might pop up. Vacations are real-life activities in dreamy locations, so if your partner reveals any bad character or behavior you don’t like – we suggest you take the warning and act appropriately.

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