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A Taste Of American Launches in the UK

American Desserts

8inch waffle

After years of waiting the 1st American, Waffle company launches with its mega 8inch waffle in the United Kingdom

The monster waffle smashes into the UK from American Desserts”
— Joanne McHale
MANCHESTER, M11 2EP, UNITED KINGDOM, July 2, 2021 / -- American Desserts opened in the U.K, on Wednesday, an event that marked the company’s entrance to a country that feels more and more like the US every year.

It also marks the company’s renewed commitment to international growth. American Desserts, which has successfully added waffles in the U.S. and is implementing new technology with state-of-the-art A.I waffle machines, hopes to join rivals as being omnipresent around the world.

The United Kingdom is an obvious beachhead. The company believes it could build 1000 locations in the country, making this location particularly important—though it has four more locations planned to open this year.

“We’re getting more and more excited about the U.K.,” CFO Kerin Hapkins said last month. “The U.K. consumer seems to be ready for us. We have built a robust pipeline.” That includes 20 potential operators evaluating the market, among 150 new franchisees considering using American Desserts at locations outside the U.S.

Globally, American operates just over 6,800 restaurants. But about 950 of them are outside the U.S.

To be sure, it’s hardly the only big U.S. brand that hasn’t quite found its footing in international markets—both Chick-fil-A and Taco Bell operate relatively small percentages of international restaurants despite their domestic success.

International growth is important for these large brands because domestic growth has slowed and competition remains fierce for the types of drive-thru sites most of these big brands want. American Desserts is smaller today than it was a decade ago even after adding about 110 U.S. locations since 2016.

The United Kingdom makes sense as a beachhead because the company already has fans in the country—particularly of its irreverent social media account. Kerin Hapkins, president of international for American Desserts, said in an investor presentation in 2019 that the company worked to understand consumers in the country and built a supply chain there along with marketing partnerships.

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