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The Free and Equal Elections Foundation Announces Indigenous Speakers for its Forthcoming United We Stand Festival

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Free & Equal Presents 2021 United We Stand Festival

Free & Equal Presents 2021 United We Stand Festival

The youth of Skate Cambria at their weekly rally.

The youth of Skate Cambria at their weekly rally.

The highly-anticipated festival will feature more than 50 special guests to speak and perform this weekend in-person and via livestream. 

CAMBRIA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 2, 2021 / -- The Free and Equal Elections Foundation will host its seventh annual United We Stand Festival in the beachside town of Cambria, California, in partnership with the Brock Pierce Foundation, Open the Debates, and The Independent National Union 

The United We Stand Festival will feature a wealth of Indigenous talent and speakers. Kandymaku of the Kogi Tribe will act as the representative of ancestral tribes from the heart of the spirit world.  
Representing the Lakota Tribe, Doug Red Hail Pineda will be offering an opening prayer, and Josiah Helland of the Yaqui/Purepecha Tribe will join along with the traditional Native American flute. Jon Nash, Tribal Council Children's Ambassador Diplomat of the Yamassee Nation and Daniel Ramos, Chief Spiritual Elder of the Choctaw Muskogee Yamassee Nation, Grandfather Uncle of the prophecy of “Warriors of the Rainbow” Tribe of the 4 Directions and 4 Sacred Elements of Life will also be participating in the opening prayer. 

The distinguished Ogimaa (Acha-Kooh-Waay), ‘Jim’, Anishinaabe Knowledgekeeper and Chief of Foothills Ojibway on Turtle Island, is scheduled to virtually speak at the event. Led by the spirit of the Eagle and the Condor and in accordance with the prophecy, Indigenous peoples will unite the human family.
The festival will take place July 3-4 from 11am to 8pm PDT. In addition to those mentioned above, it will feature over 50 speakers, activists, artists, and musicians, all united under the cause of bringing communities together to take a more active role in shaping and reforming our country’s politics. 
Three hundred guests will attend in-person, and the event will be livestreamed on the Free and Equal website
Festival panels include Indigenous, independent media, independent candidates, blockchain voting/crypto, mental health and incarceration, and a 2024 debate coalition panel. 
Event sponsors include Vote Bash, Regener8tive, Spark Hand Up, Amma Healing, Mikuna Foods,, Cambria Massage Therapy, Bali Gems, Cambria Currents, June Shine, Bulk Hemp Warehouse, Cambria Business Center, VeloCambria, West End Bar & Grill, Las Cambritas, Zen Again Catering & Events, Oceanpoint Ranch, Blue Bird Inn, Cambria Welcome Maps, Blue Evolution, Friends of La Maravilla, and the C. Montalvo Foundation. 

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If you would like to livestream the event on your Facebook business page, please visit and add UWS Cambria in the subject line, along with your Facebook page URL. 
All proceeds from the event will go to Skate Cambria to help fund the rebuilding of their local skate park. 
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The Free & Equal Elections Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to open the electoral process through education and collaborative action. 

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