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Viktoriya Subbota Exclusive ' From Russia with Love'.

Viktoriya Subbota wearing Chanel

Viktoriya Subbota Tycoon Magazines

"I always try to turn the negative into a positive. It’s an opportunity for me to learn more about myself."

SYDNEY, NEWS SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, June 29, 2021 / -- “I was born in Sakhalin which is a beautiful Russian island in the Pacific Ocean north of Japan. My mother, a teacher of Russian literature, and my father a businessman, always encouraged me to pursue my passions, set goals, and work hard to achieve them. My grandfather was a Bear hunter and Grandma was a great cook. I had a very happy childhood, which involved camping, fishing, and exploring the island in the summer with my parents. Winter was quite different with temperatures of minus 25 degrees Celsius,” explained Subbota.

“My life was about snowboarding at the age of 13 in perfect powdery white snow five meters deep or ice skating on the frozen lake. Although Sakhalin is a wonderful place it has limited opportunities, so when I turned 18 my parents offered me the chance to go overseas. It was decided that I needed to learn how to speak English as it's the international language. I had my heart set on studying acting in the US. However I followed my parent's wishes and I moved to Australia.”

“I arrived in Sydney speaking fluent Russian and very little English. I remember ordering one bear on a hot summer day at a bar until it was pointed out it was called a beer. If you can imagine moving to Australia not really knowing anyone and trying to learn the language from scratch, you will have an idea of what it was like. I took things one day at a time, learned English , got a Batchelor of Business degree and I could even order a beer without the chance of a large brown furry animal jumping over the bar,” smiled Subbota.

“I did the usual office administration jobs while attending NADA, Sydney drama school, and actors pulse classes after work as well as getting some well-paying modelling assignments. Whilst on one assignment the photographer and I started chatting. She said she did other work as a Protection Officer on the Railway, I didn't even know such a job existed. Fundamentally it is a ‘Rail Safety’ role to ensure the vast array of people who work on the rail networks in NSW don't get killed by moving trains. Last week for example I was in the Hunter Valley New South Wales as a Pilot on a work train where I maintain communication with network control as to the location of the train in a possession.

I also instruct the train drivers where and when to stop at certain limits and use UHF radios to communicate with the work-groups on track even working in the Sydney tunnels using another protection method which involves warning lights. Basically, when they turn off I have around twenty seconds to blow my whistle shout lights out, and make sure everyone is in a safe place which is a hole in the wall. The train then goes flashing past my nose, so it can be quite dangerous,” said Subbota.

“Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Hollywood legend Michael Mandaville Writer, producer and Director known for his movies ‘TAKEN’, ‘American History’ and ‘ Beer Pong’. I can’t wait to tell the World what is happening in the next 12 months where my movie career will move from a dream to reality because I’ve met someone in the film industry who believes in me and took me on set to meet several producers of one of Australia’s biggest and most respected production companies ‘Picture Works Australia’. I’ve worked on TV shows such as ‘Underbelly Razor’, I had parts in the TV Series ‘Packed to The Rafters’ and I’m looking forward to my first real Hollywood production,” Said Subbota.

'Chanel Model' Viktoriya Subbota was this week selected as Tycoon Magazine's first Cover Girl with her exclusive interview into her beliefs in acting and modeling.

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