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The explosive RollerCoin game has reached its 1st million users


Rollercoin "Road to 1 Million" contest

Rollercoin contest rules

RollerCoin Game raises 1 million players. How we reached 1 million users just in three years without promotion

Amazing results - Roller Coin reached One Million Players! In the era of cryptocurrencies, at the information peak in this industry, we are glad to share that in June 2021, the first free Bitcoin mining simulator Rollercoin reached 1 million active players!

RollerCoin is a browser-based cryptocurrency mining simulation game. It all started exactly three years ago when anonymous developers and designers presented a new game to the world, which had no analogues in the world at that time.

It was a mining simulator where you could get free bitcoin for completing levels in simple arcade games. When Rollercoin was launched, the price of bitcoin ranged from $ 3,358 to $ 4,106

The news about Rollercoin was explosive as the first browser-based free game was introduced to the world where it was possible to get bitcoins for free.

Without any promotion, through the info sharing between users, the community of players totalled more than 150 thousand in the first months.

In the winter of 2020, this figure was already more than 500,000 active users. By the way, RollerCoin has a profitable referral system and 45% of users in the game are registered by the referral link. The new referral receives 1000 free Satoshi for signing up, and the referrer gets 25% commission on referral's mining and 15% on all in-game purchases.

The creators decided to hold the event dedicated to 1 million users in the game! The event consists of new content, 1500 limited miners for sale and two new miners in the main shop. Previously they ran a contest "Road to one million" with prizes for participating in the competition.

There were 60 winners in total, with 7,500 RLT drawn between them. RLT or RollerToken is the internal cryptocurrency of the game (RLT prize equals 1 USDt)

Rollercoin developers do not plan to slow down - now they are developing new exciting games for users, season pass, new art contest and the community market.

In 2020 they added multi mining to the game, so any player can choose which cryptocurrency he will mine - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin or Rollertoken. The player can even mine all four coins at once!

There are ten simple arcade games on the website - well-designed games that players from all over the world love. The website has 7,7 million monthly visits, indicating reputation and showing RollerCoin as a trustworthy and popular project.

RollerCoin is the first and the largest mining simulator in the industry, and unlike any other simulator - you can actually withdraw crypto you have mined in the game!

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