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2000+ APIs monitored across tech, government, health and financial services for a $100 annual subscription

APImetrics’ Premium is a big step forward for the API economy.”
— John Musser
SEATTLE, WA, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2021 / -- APImetrics is today launching a premium version of, an essential resource for API consumers, developers, and providers from all market sectors and industries. The new service monitors service provision from mainstream API providers such as Google, Slack and Microsoft, to specialist services within vertical markets.

“APIs have become an essential part of the tech landscape, with more and more critical and essential services being delivered through them, from banking to healthcare, to the weather forecast and mapping services,” said David O'Neill, CEO of APImetrics.

“But there are no agreed standards to measure the performance or service quality of what is being delivered by these APIs. Monitoring has mostly fallen to internal engineering teams, and their efforts often have little relation to the real-world experience of consumers or the service level implications of even the smallest API hiccup.” builds on the APImetrics award-winning API monitoring platform, which utilizes the patented Cloud API Service Consistency (CASC) scoring system to enable clear comparisons between different API-based services by providing a single score out of 10.
In an effort to make API monitoring accessible to non-technical teams and business leaders, provides thematic collections of more than 2,000 different APIs from more than 160 providers.

APIs are scored for quality and simple charts provide ways for users to explore interactive dashboards and see how well any API is performing.

“People are buying, integrating and using services without a standard way to agree if they are working effectively, or even if they are getting what they pay for,” O'Neill said. “If you are building your own product experience or business around a third party API, your success relies upon the performance of that API. Better be confident it works well,”

“By standardizing and simplifying the complex issue of monitoring, has removed that uncertainty, and at a scale that would be hard and expensive for any individual or business to achieve.”

John Musser, founder of ProgrammableWeb and one of the pioneers of the API economy, commented: “Today, APIs support every aspect of home and working life, which means monitoring their real world performance is vital. APImetrics’ Premium is a big step forward for the API economy. It will help API providers to build better, more robust services and API consumers to make informed choices for the services they build and offer to customers.”

Nick Denny, Vice President of Engineering at APImetrics, said, “What we’ve seen from doing this for a large number of customers and developers is that while businesses are testing their own services and monitoring their in-house technology stacks, they find it very hard to monitor real world service availability in a repeatable way.

“We’ve simplified that task and made something any user can understand while still providing essential data for engineering teams. It’s really a gamechanger for how we think about service quality.” provides detailed information on uptime, quality, and latency of API services from where end users access them across all major cloud data centers around the world.

High-level data for the previous week and month, as well as current status, are available for free at Detailed metrics, including historical data, details on individual API endpoints, and daily and weekly performance alerts are available as part of the new Premium service at $100 for an annual subscription.

Organizations wanting to ensure their API is included in the APImetrics series of collections should contact APImetrics.

About APImetrics

APImetrics offers the industry’s only intelligent, analytics-driven API performance solu-tion built specifically for the enterprise. By interfacing with all current and legacy API protocols, APImetrics helps CIOs, customer success teams, developers and vendors know if their APIs are performing as designed. Monitoring is supported by analytics and fully customizable downtime alerts to deliver the actionable intelligence needed by the enterprise to meet service level agreements and customer expectations. APImetrics is used by leading banks, telecoms carriers, IoT providers and leading IT companies. The company is headquartered in Seattle, WA. More information is available at

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