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Each year, the South Carolina Department of Revenue (SCDOR) handles thousands of applications for various types of alcohol beverage licenses (ABL) and permits. Mistakes or omissions can cause applications to be rejected or delayed.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid on ABL applications:

On new licenses:

  • Not using the checklists provided with the application packets. Most answers to your questions can be found on the checklists or within the applications;
  • Failing to choose a license type or choosing an incorrect type on the ABL-901;
  • Leaving Box 1 and Box 5 blank or incorrectly completed on the ABL-901;
  • Leaving the contact person information blank on page 2 on the ABL-901;
  • Not using the most updated forms. Forms are regularly updated, so check for the most recent version;
  • Leaving the South Carolina residency section blank on the ABL-946;
  • Using a Doing Business As (DBA) name instead of the legal entity name;
  • Not listing the county and city on the ABL 901.
On renewal applications:
  • Not completing the ownership information;
  • Listing the federal tax or employer identification number (FEIN) instead of the Social Security number for an individual. You should only put the FEIN down beside the entity which has some type of ownership percentage in the business;
  • Providing the mailing address on the insurance policy when we need the physical location of the business address;
  • Combining all licenses on one ABL-565. Applicants should provide a separate ABL-565 for each license;
  • Not submitting an ABL-565. Just submitting a check does not complete the process.
On protest applications:
  • Not completing the required question, which asks the applicant to state whether they will attend a contested case hearing.

License renewal forms and Local Option Permits are available to complete online through MyDORWAY. Coming June 28, applying for a new license will also be available on MyDORWAY.  Learn more at

For more information on the application process, visit the SCDOR's website at

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