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Coaching Changes Lives Announces “Team Leadership Coaching Certification Program - TLC”

/EIN News/ -- NEW YORK, June 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In today’s economy, reinvention is the name of the game in a distributed workforce. Leaders and Teams have to embrace diversity, inclusion and equity to thrive in the future of work. Coaching has become the quintessential competency for leaders and teams. The ability to engage in catalytic co-creative conversations will allow for innovations to flourish and create a safe space for teams to have a stronger sense of belonging. Coaching Changes Lives is Asia’s leader in transformative learning and coaching institute with a signature program “Team Leadership Coaching Certification Program” also known as the TLC program. The program is designed and led by Jedidiah Alex Koh, Master Certified Coach (MCC), thought leader and keynote speaker for the future of coaching.

Jedidiah ‘Jedi’ Alex, MCC is the Global Team Leadership Coach. He is the founder of Coaching Changes Lives, the Global Transformative Learning Partner for Organizations, and Asia’s leading Coach Training, Mentoring, and Supervision Institute. He is the creator of the Transformative Systemic Co-Creative Conversation Process helping transform ordinary teams into performing teams that are built to last. He partners and works with global leaders and teams from across various cultures and diversity to create sustainable change and shape the future of coaching. Jedi is a highly sought-after keynote speaker on coaching and the leading voice for virtual Team Coaching in a distributed workforce. He is an award-winning coach, recognized as one of the top leadership coaches and is featured on Forbes Coaches Council where he shares his expertise on team leadership coaching. Jedi is the author of the anticipated book “Coaching is Conversational Mastery!” His passion is in the requisite power of coaching to change lives one conversation at a time!

What is The Team Leadership Coaching Certification Program (TLC)?

The Team Leadership Coaching Certification Program (TLC) is for leaders, managers, and business owners who are looking to be professionally certified as coaches with a specialization in developing sustainable performance and results for their clients and team whether in a virtual or physical space. The demand for Team Coaching has increased exponentially. This is where the Team Leadership Coaching Certification Program (TLC) can help leaders create an edge in the dynamic and ever-changing world, empower them with the conversation competencies to create lasting change and greater synergy.

The Team Leadership Coaching Certification program is a 70 Hour ICF Approved Coach Specific Training program conducted over 6 modules focusing on applications in Leadership and Teams through Live in-person or virtual synchronous and asynchronous blended training, coaching and mentoring to prepare you thoroughly for real-world applications. What sets good to great leaders apart is their ability to replicate results and build peak-performing teams. In this program, Jedidiah ‘Jedi’ Alex, MCC helps people explore how to create sustained momentum and drive in times uncertain to achieve results. Coaches will learn the Transformative System Co-Creative Coaching process for teams that will enable them to deepen their team’s commitment, engagement and synergy.

In the Team Leadership Coaching Certification program, participants will also gain access to the Global Coaching Labs where they will get to connect with coaches from across the world to share their insights, learnings and refine their craft. To support the coaches on-going development, they will also have access to the Mentor Coaching Success group where they will be mentored on the coaching Core Competencies.

Leaders face an increasingly complex multitude of challenges in today’s new economy. To prepare and thrive, they need to develop and enhance conversational intelligence, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking and adaptive skills to lead teams that are built to last. The Team Leadership Coaching Certification program addresses these challenges in 3 layers with case studies and real-world application–

1) Leader and Team 
2) Leader and Organization
3) Leader and Ecosystem

The immersive learning experience will allow learners from various cultures and backgrounds to learn in a safe and supportive environment. learning to embody a coaching mindset to create a momentum for sustained growth and performance.


Coaching Changes Lives focuses on the Whole-of-Person Approach to Coaching, Learning, and Development. Coaching Changes Lives’ programs are developed after intensive and extensive research and consultation within the industry leaders. The academic faculty includes thought leaders in fields of applied Coaching in Neuroscience, Education and Psychology. The programs that Coaching Changes Lives offers focus on immediate working issues to ensure that members are able to apply and deliver immediate results in real work situations. 

Application and implementation of industry knowledge and experience are the drivers for Coaching Changes Lives’ course design, not theoretical academic lectures. Coaching Changes Lives believe that Team Leadership Coaching is the coaching training created and designed by leaders for leaders; to equip and empower leaders in corporate or government organizations as results begin with Coaching!

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In today’s economy, reinvention is the name of the game in a distributed workforce