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Celebrity Medium Is Helping People Move Forward From Post-Pandemic Anxiety

Celebrity Medium Raymond Guzman

Celebrity Medium Raymond Guzman

Celebrity Medium Raymond Guzman

Celebrity Medium Raymond Guzman

Celebrity Medium Raymond Guzman

Celebrity Medium Raymond Guzman

COVID-19, world politics and celebrity insights: Celebrity Medium Raymond Guzman sharing how he does it all


Over the past year and a half, the COVID-19 global pandemic has left many facing new uncertainties within their lives. For others, it served as a catalyst to instill major changes. Regardless, a report by the American Psychological Association suggests nearly 50% of Americans say they feel anxious about resuming in-person interactions post-pandemic —a phenomenon psychologists have dubbed "re-entry anxiety." It seems we could all use a little guidance and reassurance.

That’s where Raymond Guzman comes in.

Raymond is a 3rd generation, natural-born psychic medium who discovered his abilities at the age of 3 and is an author with a dynamic personality and a passion for helping others. Over the years, he’s has helped over 10,000 + individuals in finding sought-out answers such as solving previously unsolved murders, past life readings and mediumship, and guidance on current and future life resolutions such as love, relationships, career, and finance to navigate new concrete opportunities. Furthermore, Raymond can give insights into world events, politics, the COVID-19 pandemic implications, mass media, celebrities, and more.

Celebrity Psychic Medium Raymond Guzman is available upon request for television or radio interviews. He will be able to provide insight for audience members on the following questions:

· What is the comparison between spiritual medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, and how can someone utilize those abilities to help people?
· How do I know if the readings I’m receiving are “real” and how can I assure the legitimacy of these readings?
· How can Raymond apply his gift to support people directly within their daily lives?
· How does Raymond tap into other celebrities and globally-renowned artists to know specific private/unpublished/unshared details regarding their lives, even without having spoken to them previously?


Raymond Guzman is a 3rd generation natural born psychic medium and author who discovered his abilities and first encountered spirits at an incredibly early age. Throughout his life he has had many experiences with the paranormal and spiritual realm. At the age of 3, Raymond had his first experience in which he saw spirit inside of an antique object. From there, many experiences continued well into his teen years. At the age of 31, he had a near death experience that allowed him to see life from a different perspective. This near-death experience intensified his abilities. Raymond's world & celebrity predictions have been featured in 'The Toronto Sun' and the #1 Lifestyle Australian magazine 'That's Life!'. His oracle deck Starseed Footsteps Oracle cards have been featured in 'Attune Magazine'. He also has been recognized in the Top 100 Psychic Blogs. He is the author of the book Starseed Footsteps, which is available now. Raymond is also an ordained minister, and certified Life Coach. 


Raymond Guzman
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