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Zimbabwe Signs MOU, Developing and Implementing MediConnectUK Blockchain-based Supply-Chain System

/EIN News/ -- LONDON, June 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recently, Zimbabwe's memorandum of understanding (MOU) contract has been signed to design, develop and implement MediConnectUK blockchain-based, medication and supply-chain management system and build hospitals.

The Future of Zimbabwe is Open for Business

His Excellency CDE Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, is working tirelessly to ensure a complete overhaul of the problems that face the republic. He aims at rebuilding, restructuring, and reforming the country. Since his excellency took office on 24 November 2017, he has made many reforms like building schools and hospitals and made endless efforts to court foreign investors to bring back the economy and his best work is yet to come. His people trust him, as his intentions aim to make Zimbabwe and ultimately Africa a better place, starting with improving the medical systems. Mnangagwa's slogan is "Zimbabwe is open for business," which seems to be echoing everywhere, thus calling on for new investments, technologies, and solutions to help the youth of Zimbabwe and maintain a healthy and exciting future for everyone. This partnership is a glimmer of hope that will someday give light to a whole continent! The president is a forward-thinking leader who is open to new ideas and technologies that can benefit the country. Zimbabwe aspires to be the centre for tracking and tracing medicine in Africa.

Mnangagwa was included in Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People of 2018 and is working tireless to modernise Zimbabwe for the good of the people. The old Mugabe's way of governing is now a thing of the past. CDE Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is on a mission to forge partnerships, build relationships, wealth, health and happiness for the people of Zimbabwe.

Improving the African Medical System Through MediConnectUK

Dexter Blackstock, Ex-premier league footballer and MediConnectUK (MEDI) director, at only 35-years-old, is a part of a large-scale pharmaceutical industry effort aimed at saving thousands of lives from medication prescription misuse and supply chain issues.

MediConnectUK offers much more than anticipated, with a real-world application that could potentially change how people get their medication around the world. That is no easy task! So how does MediConnectUK plan on doing it?

MediConnectUK seeks to build a health facility and warehouse for the purposes of manufacturing pharmaceutical drugs in Zimbabwe. It will also establish a company to operate, manage, and distribute pharmaceutical drugs in Zimbabwe, throughout the region of Africa and globally. MediConnectUK will import and export pharmaceutical drugs in line with government policy and standards in Zimbabwe. Also, the plan will be to build and operate a medical health technology platform and service, for tracking/tracing the movement and verification of all pharmaceutical drugs into the country. Also, MediConnect will seek to obtain relevant licensing for building the health facility as well as manufacturing and distribution. MediConnectUK is working on obtaining the relevant licensing to operate an electronic payment system for international payments and transfers, including cryptocurrencies and provide training to Zimbabweans on manufacturing medical drugs and health technology, among others. MediConnect also welcomes new partners to work on their MOU.

The Plan to Revolutionize Zimbabwe's Medical System

The partnership between Zimbabwe and MediConnectUK has been signed following a meeting between The President of Zimbabwe and Dexter Blackstock a few months ago. The partnership follows the decision to help limit counterfeit medication that is costing Zimbabwe's youth their wellbeing.

MediConnect will work on improving the medical system through:

1. Helping build safe hospitals that do not use any counterfeit medications;

2. Verifying that patients are not overprescribed;

3. Improving the availability of proper medication;

4. Ensuring the prices of medication are low and accessible;

5. Aiding in the improvement of Africa's medical system.

Blackstock who played for Southampton FC, Nottingham Forest FC, QPR FC and Leeds FC, says that Zimbabwe is open for business and is grateful to President Emmerson Mnangagwa for agreeing and signing the MOU that will help transform Zimbabwe. President Emmerson Mnangagwa is determined to help the people of Zimbabwe and thus supports this initiative. Mr Blackstock says that the President means business and is focused on backing the transformation of the country of Zimbabwe. MediConnectUK will work with their technical development partner, Rishabh Software to build out the IT systems in conjunction with MediConnectUK Ltd.

Rishabh Software is a specialist in building custom applications with two decades of experience in web, mobile and cloud development and engineering. A Microsoft Gold-certified partner, it has successfully executed over 1,000 projects globally for more than 300 clients, including Siemens, Bayer and Bupa.

"MediConnectUK is delighted to confirm the signing of the MOU to provide and build hospitals and a network of partner manufactures, distributors for the Zimbabwean government. MediConnectUK Ltd is about saving lives and this MOU will certainly do this! President Emmerson Mnangagwa is totally committed to helping the people of his country and views our signed MOU as part of that journey," said Dexter Blackstock, CEO of MediConnect.

"We look forward to a fruitful relationship working with the government of Zimbabwe. We will use our technology to help deliver real innovation for the Zimbabwe government and people. New hospitals are vital in Zimbabwe and we are delighted and privileged to help," Mr Blackstock added.

"We're excited to collaborate with MediConnect, a healthcare innovator which is leveraging their blockchain platform and our technology to revolutionise the healthcare supply chain eco-system for Zimbabwe. MediConnect will build the hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturing factories and we will support our partner with the required technology," said Rajendra Shah, CEO of Rishabh Software.

The Prospects of MEDI & Africa

MediConnect appears to be a natural fit for the African continent, where counterfeit drug sales generate billions of dollars in income each year. That merely feeds into what is dishonourable and unwelcome. What Africa and Zimbabwe require is a better system, and what could be better than blockchain combined with the creativity of a fantastic team and the progressive leadership of the President? The entire goal of this endeavour is to make Zimbabwe and Africa a better place for everyone, and success is the only option this time. The future of medicine is here and it's saving lives.

About MediConnect

MediConnect is revolutionising the way PPE and medication are managed and traced. It is building a blockchain platform to act as a safety net for PPE manufactures, PPE wholesalers, distributors, prescribers, pharmacies and drug manufacturers by preventing patients ordering prescriptions with multiple online pharmacies and the misuse and selling of counterfeit PPE; identifying counterfeit drugs and preventing their distribution into the Pharma chain; alerting anyone instantly within the supply-chain when PPE or medicine is counterfeit or will need to be recalled, and providing regulators with real-time monitoring to cut costs and risks.

MediConnect is a shared service platform designed to integrate with online pharmacies, wholesalers, and manufacturers, alongside national authorities and regulators. It is a private permissioned distributed ledger of transactions and a blockchain for MEDI token payments backed by an ID Management and KYC engine.

About Rishabh Software

Rishabh Software is a CMMI Level-3 company that provides web, mobile and cloud development services, business process services and engineering services. With offices across the US (Silicon Valley), UK (London) and India (Vadodara, Gujarat), Rishabh Software helps global clients with high quality and well-executed application development, BPO and Engineering services.

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