Author Eileen Pruett Takes Her Journey Working As A Prison Caseworker at The London Book Fair 2021.

We Make Stories Come To Life Through Self Publishing

We Make Stories Come To Life Through Self Publishing

Author Eileen Pruett Takes Her Journey Working As A Prison Caseworker at The London Book Fair 2021.

Her memoir is a well-written record of a fascinating career and a life well-lived.”
— Jonah Meyer of The US Review of Books
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 16, 2021 / -- Author Eileen Pruett Takes Her Journey Working As A Prison Caseworker at The London Book Fair 2021.

This year's London Book Fair event is going to be the first digital-only London Book Fair, following last year's cancellation and the impact of the global pandemic. This year's big event, My Life Including Prison, is going to be part of the fair that’s happening from June 29th to July 21st, 2021. Together with her lesson of inspiration, hope, and life, Author Eileen Pruett will exhibit how she came up with the book from scratch up to its publishing.

Eileen Pruett graduated from Brigham Young University, earning a minor in math. A woman of faith and a mother of eight children, she managed to work as a former motel manager and nurse’s aid before passing the Social Service Worker’s test, majoring in Child Development and Family Relations that landed her a job as a prison caseworker. Now in retirement, Pruett's colorful life of balancing her intimate family relationship and career is documented in her book titled My Life Including Prison.

My Life Including Prison is a biography book narrating Eileen Pruett's life as a wife, mother, and career woman. The book revolves around Pruett's life adversity, winning moments, and intriguing events. This 104-page memoir describes how Pruett learns to navigate and balance her two worlds—her home life versus her journey as a caseworker in a prison.

Starting with her childhood living in New Hampshire, Eileen writes about how simple and innocent her life is. She highlights her youth's vibrant life, from playing with cousins, climbing trees, making bows and arrows, learning to knit and crochet, reading, fixing puzzles, watching her grandpa make maple syrup, and her love for math. Involved with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at the age of 13, Pruett is a devout servant of her church. And as a child, Pruett always thought of attending Brigham Young University in Utah.

Along the way, Pruett tells tales about her life as a mother and wife. Once married to the man she loved and met through her involvement with her church in 1968, she humbly pictures her role as a busy and dedicated working mom, raising eight children. Pruett subsequently inserts a lot of narratives about her life being a motel manager, nurse’s aid, then her career as a caseworker. Pruett, in her role as an inmate caseworker in a prison facility, showcases her responsibility, primarily her duties from housing assessment to prison intake to her primary work as caseload manager. The relationships she established, primarily for the people she met behind bars, are vividly portrayed throughout the book. Pruett delivers an eye-opening substance, combined with an unsettling and humorous tone, as she delivers an "insider's look" viewpoint into the realities of working as a member of the prison staff. She also completely tells stories of her accomplishment of helping other people, both large and small, especially in her close interaction catering to men who have committed any number of crimes—including unimaginable cases of murder and rape. Ultimately, My Life Including Prison is an eye-opening real-life story illustrated in a fascinating 104-page book.

A book that delivers an out-of-the-ordinary story, Eileen Pruett splendidly came up with a good read that gives a new perspective about the depiction of life. With its moving message about inspiration and hope, reviews from various readers and book review entities like USRB or The US Review of Books share their thoughts on how captivating My Life Including Prison is.

"Her memoir is a well-written record of a fascinating career and a life well-lived."— Jonah Meyer The US Review of Books.

"Although the book was fairly short, it was very interesting. I read it on a weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it."— Priscilla Ellsworth.

"Book started as Eileen was a young girl. I like this as it reminded me of a lot of the things that I did and had as I was growing up. But then she grew up in a much larger family as a family did back then. I liked where she told about her mother making french toast for breakfast for the children who like that and then added flour to make pancakes and then for others added corn in the pancakes for the ones who liked breakfast that way. She had eight children along with working. It must have been tough at times but with her religion and family and friends she made it through."— Barbara Labadie

Written in a simple tone yet straightforward order of events, Eileen Pruett manages to put her narrative briefly while it still doesn't steer away with stories about discovery and transformation. From these various reviews, My Life Including Prison shows how the book transcends from the conventional memoir about life and career.

Through the power of Eileen Pruett's words, she takes us into her amazing journey of being a full-time mother down to a prison caseworker. She also showcases the realities of being in prison and what it’s like working with people deprived of liberty. To get a gist about the book's overview and what messages it delivers to you, check out the My Life Including Prison book trailer that is available on YouTube.

My Life Including Prison is a book published on November 28, 2020, which comes in a 104-page, 5.98 x 0.25 x 9.02 inches bound and is widely available at and Barnes & Nobles.

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Title: My Life Including Prison
Author: Eileen Pruett
Publisher: MainspringBooks
ISBN: 978-1-947352-77-3
Genre: Education, Memoirs, Biography/Autobiography
Reviewed By: Jonah Meyer of The US Review of Books
Marketed By: MainspringBooks

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