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The Nanny Background Checks area will put together in one place Caregiver Providers and educational materials about selecting the right caregiver.

We want families to have ‘peace of mind’ that their child or parent is being cared for by a person that has been thoroughly vetted and is safe.”
— W. Barry Nixon
ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, June 22, 2021 / -- The new Nanny Background Checks Resource Center will bring together for the first time a place where people can search for Caregiver Providers and educate themselves about important aspects of caregiving including how to select the right one for their family.

For many years nanny background checks have been treated as a stepchild in the background industry and not received as much attention as so-called professional background checks. The reality is that when a family hires a babysitter or caregiver for their loved one, they are hiring someone to work for them a.k.a hiring an employee.

In addition, the nanny background check marketplace is fragmented today with a few very large firms that dominate the market and many mom-and-pop operations. W. Barry Nixon, founder, and COO of said, “Our goal is to help families to better understand the hiring and background checking process because they must simultaneously wear many hats including hiring manager, human resources, and compliance specialist. The days of just hiring the ‘next door neighbors’ or a friend’s daughter or son to babysit have changed and we want to give families the tools, resources and information they need to make the right decisions. We want families to have ‘peace of mind that their child or parent is being cared for by a person that has been thoroughly vetted and is safe.”

It can easily be argued that the importance of carefully vetting a caregiver is of more significance than regular background checks because a family typically does not have the level of resources that many organizations possess. Nixon, added, “We added the ‘Nanny Background Checking’ Resource Center because with the greying of America there will likely be an unprecedented need for caregivers for elderly family members. We thought the timing was right to add this important resource to help families to understand many of the intricacies involved with hiring. We want them to have the content and information needed to help them hire the best talent for the extremely important role of caregiver.”

Access the Nanny Background Checking’ Resource Center here.

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