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Millennial investors: The economy needs you to network, to expand your net worth, says TUK Capital

TORONTO, June 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The economy will have to pick up eventually, and being proactive is the best step in a growing economy like ours, in Ontario. Evan Ungar encourages other millennials to use the BRRRR strategy for real-estate investments. In order to expand your financial portfolio millennials, the assets and long-term profits are in real estate investing, despite the shutdowns.

Evan Ungar from TUK Capital, and his colleague Jordan King, are both millennials who secured multi-million deals in Canada and in the United States, during the pandemic.

"Build relationships and add value to your endeavors," says Evan Ungar.

Evan Ungar is a licensed broker, real estate investor/financier, a business marketing strategist, an Amazon best-selling author, and Guinness World Record Holder. Evan suggests millennials consider becoming investors in the real estate market, and create a passive income. Evan Ungar is known for real-estate consulting, closing million-dollar property purchases, and helping others to learn financial literacy and build a business portfolio.

“Stay healthy, and stay focused, despite the misery of the COVID-19 lockdowns,” says Evan Ungar.

With professional advice, focus, realistic goals, and mantras like, "I can and I will," is what Evan suggests are the keys to success. As well as a healthy routine of physical fitness and eating a balanced-diet.

Evan and his colleague, Jordan King, together landed real-estate deals during the pandemic. Most recent investments include Ontario properties, some worth about $ 5.4 million in value, and a $140 million Water Park, in Mississippi, Alabama.

Evan Ungar’s tips to millennials are: Pay attention to the real estate markets. Millennials need to keep an active business portfolio using the BRRRR strategy (buy, rehab, rent, refinance and repeat) and stay confident, despite setbacks or pressures of everyday life.

It’s not just about houses, apartments are profitable too. According to the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRRB), the condominium apartment sales in GTA were up 79.8 per cent in the first quarter of 2021, compared to 2020. The average price of a condo-apartment in T.O. is now worth $708, 298 in 2021, compared to last year's average of $675, 844 in 2020.

Investing in areas outside of Toronto, such areas as Hamilton, one of Ontario's fastest-growing economies. Other places Evan Ungar has found success are in St. Catherines, Windsor, Peterborough, Brantford, and Oakville markets.

In conclusion, millennials, always keep searching for new business opportunities, and speak with your financial advisor before making any final decisions.

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