Introducing New 3M Respirators Made in Canada

3M Respirators Made in Ontario, Canada Available for healthcare, frontline, and other high-risk occupations

BARRIE, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 15, 2021 / -- announced the availability of the new 3M NIOSH-approved N95 respirators are in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

They are available through our website: 3M Aura Health Care N95 Particulate Respirator Surgical Mask 1870+ sold in bulk cases of 440 individually wrapped masks.

As of April 1, 2021, the first Canadian-made 3M N95 respirators shipped from the newly-expanded Brockville Ontario facility. These high-quality respirators are now available to all Canadians in the frontline, healthcare, or those in need of a higher level of protection. The expansion of the 3M facility ensures that a consistent supply of respirators will be available to those frontline Canadians who need them most, helping them to remain safe, now and into the future.

Among the most critical PPE for frontline workers is the NIOSH-approved (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) N95 respirator, helping to protect them from COVID-19. Canada increases its self-sufficiency by securing domestically manufactured products, thereby reducing the risk of supply chain interruptions. Ensuring an adequate supply of PPE is essential to reducing the pandemic’s economic impact protecting the lives of all Canadians.

Jill Myers, eGrimesDirect: "We are delighted to get the new Canadian-made 3M 1870+ and 9205+ Masks out to our many customers that have been anxiously awaiting their arrival."

3M had produced over 2 billion disposable particulate respirators globally by the end of 2020, which has increased their production 3x since 2019. The expansion of the Brockville, Ontario facility will help 3M meet its 2021 objective of increasing respirator production to 2.5 billion globally.

“What motivated [us] throughout this project is that we're able to help the nurses, the doctors, the people in the hospitals, and keep them safe.” - Emily Pringle, Operator at Brockville, Ontario, 3M Canada.

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