Church of Scientology Las Vegas and the Honduras Consulate Team Up to Help the Community

Church of Scientology Las Vegas

Church of Scientology Las Vegas

Church of Scientology Las Vegas hosts a program for the local Honduran community.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, June 15, 2021 / -- The Church of Scientology Las Vegas opened its doors to the local Honduran Community for a program organized by the Honduras Consulate in Los Angeles.

Familiar with the many community services offered by the Church of Scientology in San Fernando Valley, California, the consulate, which serves those living in Southern California and nearby Southwest states, reached out to the Church of Scientology Las Vegas to see if they would be willing to host the program.

The Church of Scientology Las Vegas, a city where more than 34 percent of the community is Hispanic or Latinx, worked with the consulate to organize the activity, making it possible for the consulate to reach some 300 Hondurans over a single weekend.

“I want to thank you for the help and support throughout the weekend,” said Consulate General Maria River Fiallos. “Everything turned out great and my team and the community were more than grateful for the hospitality.”

Los Angeles is one of 13 American cities that hosts a consulate for Honduras. The Consulate operates under the direction of the Honduras Embassy in Washington, D.C., with consulate services including the issuing of visas, acting as a resource for migrants, tourists, and expatriates, and assisting trade relationships between the countries.

The Church of Scientology Las Vegas is an Ideal Scientology Organization. It provides ideal facilities to service Scientologists on their ascent to higher states of spiritual awareness and freedom, and serves as a home for the community and a meeting place of cooperative effort to uplift people of all denominations.

The Scientology religion was founded by L. Ron Hubbard and Mr. David Miscavige is the religion's ecclesiastical leader.

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