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Tangelo Partners with Diet ID to Provide Healthy Food and Nutrition Resources to Those in Need

Tangelo partners with Diet ID

Joint offering will boost public health programs across the country

DETROIT, MI, UNITED STATES, June 10, 2021 / -- Two companies, Diet ID and Tangelo, have joined forces to address the growing diet-related disease public health crisis with an innovative new solution. The joint offering provides those in need with access to fresh, healthy food, plus effortless digital tools to assess and improve their diet and ultimately their health. This provides government, CBOs, healthcare networks and corporate wellness programs with valuable insights into behavioral metrics for ongoing food is medicine and nutritious food insecurity programs.

With food insecurity affecting millions of Americans, the lack of access to affordable, healthy food has only been heightened during the pandemic. And, for those on SNAP and government food subsidies, purchases are often made for junk food, soda and packaged products, rather than fresh fruit and vegetables. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that those who consumed the most subsidized foods had a 37 percent greater risk of obesity.

Both Tangelo and Diet ID are focused on improving public health, and the partnership brings together solutions that provide food as medicine at scale. Diet ID’s CEO, Dr. David Katz, a global leader in public health, commented that “Diet ID is excited to partner with Tangelo in our shared mission to bring public health and nutrition education to the people who need it most.”

As part of the agreement, Diet ID will provide Tangelo and its partners with population data on diet quality and overall diet improvement. Tangelo’s CEO Jeremy Cooley stated, “We are proud to launch healthy food programs to participants across the country, and continuously seek ways to improve people’s lives by providing locally sourced nutrition through personalized healthy food subsidies. By partnering with Dr. Katz and Diet ID, Tangelo is able to provide the best nutrition and educational solutions available for the significant improvement of public health.” Further, Diet ID and Tangelo will help participants to develop healthy eating habits, and track their progress over time. Tangelo will personalize financial rewards for each individual, helping participants make healthier food choices.

With Diet ID, Tangelo is able to create a baseline score for each program participant. Through individual surveys and habit tracking, Tangelo will be able to show the direct impact that access to healthy, locally sourced food has on participants’ Diet ID score and long term health. The average American has a Diet ID score equivalent to 5.9 out of 10 with the availability of healthy food options, Tangelo is seeking to improve scores by 1-2 points over a program’s duration. A 1-2 point improvement significantly reduces an individual’s susceptibility to chronic illness and diet related diseases.

Tangelo has implemented programs for clients such as including a large hospital network in New York and a feeding program in the largest county in California, and will be able to integrate Diet ID into their future programs, as they ramp up their reach from coast to coast. The Diet ID program will also provide counties, agencies, and corporate wellness initiatives with vital data for future population health initiatives.

Diet ID, a digital health company, provides the fastest way to effectively measure and manage diet quality in clinical and non-clinical settings. The company offers innovative tools that allow people to assess and improve their diet using an effortless image-based experience. Founded by Dr. David Katz, former President of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Diet ID is making it possible to treat diet as a vital sign.

Tangelo is a SaaS enabled healthy food marketplace specializing in distributing funds directly to consumers to spend on healthy foods. To fulfill our mission to ensure no family has to choose between eating healthy and eating enough, Tangelo provides partners within government, healthcare and philanthropy the most efficient technology solution available to administer and scale food assistance and food as medicine programs. For the first time, vulnerable community members have a single access point for purchasing power, nutrition education and healthy food. Tangelo's in-app benefits wallet securely aggregates and transparently distributes funds allowing community members to shop from a curated selection of culturally relevant healthy groceries and medically appropriate meals, apply public and private funds to complete their purchase, and receive home delivered healthy food. With custom analytics dashboards, Tangelo is the only food security solution that quantifies how incentivizing healthy food access improves lives and saves money. Through accessibility Tangelo empowers individuals to make healthy food choices.. To learn more visit

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