Prime IV Hydration and Wellness Congratulates the Iron Cowboy for Conquering 100!

Prime IV Utah Stores (Lehi, Riverwoods, St. George, South Jordan) celebrate world-record achievement

We have cheered him on every step of his ambitious goal and are inspired by his grit. We are honored he chose Prime IV to supply his daily hydration needs during Conquer 100.”
— Heidi Neville, owner of the Lehi and St. George Prime IV locations

LEHI, UTAH, UNITED STATES, June 9, 2021 / -- As an official sponsor of the Iron Cowboy, Prime IV stores throughout Utah congratulate James Lawrence, aka the Iron Cowboy, on his achievement of 100 full-length triathlons completed in 100 consecutive days.

“We have cheered him on every step of his ambitious goal and are inspired by his grit,” said Heidi Neville, owner of the Lehi and St. George Prime IV locations. “We are honored he chose Prime IV to supply his daily hydration needs during Conquer 100.”

Guinness World Record triathlon holder James Lawrence, aka the Iron Cowboy, shattered expectations and pushed the limits of what’s physically and mentally possible with his “Conquer 100” challenge, which ran from March 1 through June 8, 2021. The challenge included the following daily distances:

- Swim 2.4 miles? Check.
- Cycle 112 miles? Check.
- Run 26.2 miles? Check.

Repeating that 100 times in consecutive days blew away James’ previous record of 50 triathlons in 50 days (also in each of all 50 states). “Conquer 100” set a new world record that is sure to stand for years to come.

“It’s a superhuman fete of over 14,060 miles!” said Tom Smith, co-owner of the Prime IV Riverwoods location. “Nobody does this kind of thing—well somebody now has!”

In honor of his world record-blasting Iron Man challenge, Prime IV Utah stores are offering a signature “Iron Cowboy” IV blend.

“Come into any of our Utah locations for the ‘Iron Cowboy’ and see why the extremest of all extreme athletes relies on Prime IV to keep him going!” said Neville.

What is IV therapy?
Complete hydration is critical for each of us, whether or not we are record-busting athletes. A drip, also known as intravenous fluids or IV, is a plastic bag that transfers liquids through a tube attached to a tiny needle that is inserted directly into your vein. The purpose of IV therapy is to fuel the body with vitamins and fluids that can efficiently replenish and deeply hydrate your body at a cellular level.

The benefits of IV therapy are extensive and have been shown to effectively treat common ailments including:
- Dehydration
- Migraines
- Fatigue
- Tired immune system
- Sports recovery
- Hangover recovery
- Sun poisoning

The majority of these ailments are caused in part due to a lack of circulating nutrients, dehydration and a compromised immune system. Having an IV infusion pumps the necessary vitamins and fluids directly into your bloodstream to give you the boost you need to bring you back to health.

Here’s why this works. When you’re feeling run down, have low energy or struggling with brain fog, it’s likely that your body is fighting a harmful pathogen or is unable to effectively flush out toxins. When toxins build up in the body, it can cause inflammation and sickness, prompting an immune response; but if there is a harmful pathogen present, immune function is impaired and your body can’t effectively rid the body of sickness.

How IV Therapy Helps Athletes
Are you an athlete, avid runner, cyclist, weightlifter, yoga master, or all-around weekend warrior? If so, you may have noticed, sports drinks rarely cut it. Dehydration can be serious, and provoke changes in cardiovascular, metabolic, and central nervous function. Dehydration can result in muscle cramps, dizziness, headache, or even more serious symptoms. With even mild dehydration, athletic performance can be impaired. Besides our new Iron Cowboy, we have two proprietary cocktails to match your activity level!

The Weekend Warrior – Designed for athletes needing to be rehydrated and revived. Our blend of B-vitamins, electrolytes, and performance enhancing amino acids will help relieve your fatigue and power you through to your next workout. When you don’t have time to feel run-down and lethargic, get revived with “The Weekend Warrior!”

The Weekend Warrior contains B-Complex, B-12, Amino blend, L-Carnitine, and Magnesium Chloride.

The Champion – Based on latest research and clinical experience, our infusion delivers fluid hydration, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids which can provide the performance and recovery boost that surpasses anything else on the market. Our proprietary blend will help you perform your best or recover quickly from an event, increase stamina, relieve sore muscles, and have you ready for the next big challenge.

The Champion contains B-Complex, B-12, Amino blend, Magnesium Chloride, Vitamin C, Double dose of L-Carnitine, Double dose of B-5, and Double dose of B-6.

About Us
Prime IV Hydration & Wellness locations at Lehi (Traverse Mountain) and Riverwoods (Provo, Utah) are staffed by people who are passionate about health and wellness. Based on the growing need for additional health and wellness solutions, our infusion specialists deliver personal consultations as well as higher doses and better formulas than you will find elsewhere. We endeavor to educate people about their personal health and wellness while providing top-of-the-line vitamin cocktails unlike what others currently offer. We strive to provide a spa-like experience while giving the public an alternative to pills or other substances that are not all natural and could be harmful to the body if used long term.

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