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Dating Coach Tessa Mac’s VIP Coaching & Date Demo Program

/EIN News/ -- NEW YORK, June 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Men spend way too much time crippled by anxiety when it comes to dating, making them unable to be present and enjoy the person sitting across from them. As a result, they end up losing opportunities to develop relationships with women they’re actually excited about. This is why hiring a dating coach has become such a popular solution for people who want to improve their love lives and find the perfect partner. Because at the end of the day, most people want the same thing; love and connection.

Tessa Mac is one such dating coach who specializes in helping men build authentic confidence and level up their dating game. Since she began coaching in 2014, Tessa has worked with over 500+ unique clients. Through her VIP Private Coaching and new Practice Dating service; Date Demo, she provides men with the guidance, tools, feedback, and real-life experiences necessary for guys to put themselves out there and achieve their true potential both in love and in life. This powerful pairing of practice dating and coaching allows clients to have guidance while putting themselves out there and testing their dating skills with real women followed by feedback on how they did. There is no other Dating Coach out there who offers practice dating with their coaching services.

Tessa Mac’s Dating Coach Services

VIP Coaching:

Tessa’s job is to create a safe container for clients to learn, grow, and emerge from the experience with authentic, grounded confidence. Working with her is guaranteed to be a truly transformational experience. Her programs go DEEP and cover all the bases from developing and maintaining meaningful connections, overcoming limiting beliefs, mastering the art of conversation, and building winning habits.

Working with Tessa privately includes weekly private sessions, message support, creating customized dating profiles, and practice dates, and practice date feedback.

With Tessa’s unique mix of dating strategy, profile optimization, Neuro-Linguistic programming, profile optimization, mindset coaching, constructive feedback, and practice dating, her clients walk away feeling confident, clear, and ready to share their authentic self and deeply connect with quality individuals who fit their exact criteria (and have fun along the way!).

Benefits of the Private Coaching program are- 

  • Get Dates with Quality Matches
  • Confidence Building
  • Expand Social Intelligence
  • Go on Zoom Practice Dates with one of Tessa’s Dating Experts & Receive Feedback
  • Custom Dating Profile Creation
  • Overcome Negative Self Talk and Limiting Beliefs
  • Deep Mindset Work
  • Custom Dating Profiles
  • Mastering the Art of Conversation

Practice Dating Date Demo

Practice Dating Date Demo is the first-ever online practice dating service. Male clients get to test out their dating skills by going on practice “first dates” with female dating experts. The Practice Dates are conducted over Zoom and feel just like a “first date.” There’s flirting, laughter, sharing, and listening. After the practice date is over, the client receives a customized feedback form that covers everything they did well and everything they can do to improve.

The aim is to give men the chance to truly put themselves out there and learn how women perceive them in a safe and constructive space without the risk of rejection. When done in conjunction with coaching, the client has the opportunity to review his progress and receive customized guidance on how to improve next time.

The Practice Dating feedback form covers literally everything men need to know including conversation skills, appearance, body language, manners, flirting, etc. Date Demo is the only service in the world where men can experience how different women perceive them and precisely how they can improve their abilities. From Date Demo’s experience with repeat clients, the more dates people go on, the better they get. There is nowhere else where men can get a full breakdown of how several different beautiful, interesting women perceived them on a date.

Practice Dating is perfect for any male who wants to be his best self on dates. Whether they are someone who is crippled by anxiety at the thought of going on a date or someone who simply is curious to know how they can improve their skills, Date Demo’s Practice Dating has the perfect opportunity for them. This service helps men build these skills in a safe environment that values constructive feedback and personal growth over everything. Date Demo gives people the chance to truly set men up for success so that when they go on a real date, they can actually be present and enjoy the person sitting across from them. Because, remember, dating is supposed to feel good and not like a chore.


Tessa Mac’s approach to dating is that it should be FUN. She believes in focusing on the things in our lives that are within our control. In doing the deep mindset work and practicing dating on the backend, clients are set up for success in the real world on every dimension. In Tessa’s words “Confidence is competence applied at the right moment”. Real confidence is simply having the competence in the appropriate skills necessary to face a specific challenge.

With Tessa’s Private Coaching and Date Demo’s Practice Dating, men can build all the skills necessary to be an ideal match for the women they desire. Through her work with clients, men can remove fear out of the equation so the process of meeting quality matches, building confidence, and expediting personal growth happen seamlessly!

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