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Martin Baughman the ‘One off’ Pharmaceutical injury law firm, IVC & TMV litigation update

Dr. Greg Vigna

Dr. Greg Vigna

Martin Baughman is one of the small number of firms willing to go the distance against big pharma for the injuries they cause.

It is necessary that the injured are with attorneys who will take their clients past the various multidistrict litigation to the courthouses across the country.”
— Greg Vigna, MD, JD

SANTA BARBARA, CA, UNITED STATES, June 7, 2021 / -- “Martin Baughman has taken two Bard IVC filter cases to a successful verdict in five weeks, the latest was a $2.55 million award in Dallas. Today, a third trial begins in Wisconsin against Bard for a Plaintiff who was injured by the Bard Meridian filter that broke into pieces after implant and caused a fractured strut to migrate into the heart. There are only a small number of firms with the experience, the financial resources, and the willingness to go the distance against big pharma for the injuries they cause. Since I first met Ben Martin in 2015 while working with him in the Cook IVC litigation where he is Co-Lead, it was clear that he firm and his firm is committed to justice, and he does what he says.” --Greg Vigna, MD, JD

Dr. Greg Vigna, national pharmaceutical injury attorney, practicing physician, and Certified Life Care Planner states, “Each mass tort has different severities of injuries. In the IVC litigation, there are persons who suffer from broken struts to the heart that require open-heart surgery or those with thrombosis of the inferior vena cava that require lifetime anticoagulation and medical management. In the Roundup litigation, there are survivors who have permanent neurological injuries to the central and peripheral nervous system that requires lifetime physical assistance and medical care. Of course, in the vaginal mesh litigation, there are those who have suffered catastrophic neurological pain syndromes that have simply destroyed lives and require between $400,000-$700,000 per decade of life for advanced medical care. It is necessary that the injured are with attorneys who will take their clients past the various multidistrict litigation to the courthouses across the country.”

Dr. Vigna explains, “What I believe Martin Baughman has as well as the other firms I have selected to work with in the vaginal mesh litigation is the willingness to put money and time at risk to properly work a case up for trial by hiring experts in urogynecology, biomaterials, life care planning, vocational experts, and economists for the purpose of expert reports, taking defense experts’ depositions, and preparing for trial. The basic tenant is that we prepare our cases for trial from start to finish, we do not ask the defense to please settle with us, and we simply go forward through all the necessary steps of litigation. It is then the clients can be properly counseled on the risk versus benefits of the trial. In the end, it is our client’s decision to go to trial.”

Dr. Vigna concludes, “Ben Martin has a train of Bard IVC cases going forward with multiple trial teams. We have the same model for our vaginal mesh clients who have suffered neurological pain syndromes. In the case of vaginal mesh, my work will end at the time of the last explant.”

Listen to podcast from Ben Martin, Esq. and Laura Baughman, Esq. who explain the steps of litigation and their firm’s commitment to women across the country.

Dr. Vigna is a California and Washington D.C. lawyer who focuses on catastrophic neurological injuries caused by transvaginal mesh devices including pudendal neuralgia, obturator neuralgia, ilioinguinal neuralgia, and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. His cases are filed around the country with Martin Baughman, a Dallas Texas firm. Ben Martin and Laura Baughman are national pharmaceutical injury trial attorneys in Dallas, Texas who specialize in ‘one off’ catastrophic injuries caused by the IVF filter and vaginal mesh.

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